The Top 8 Openly Gay Videogame Characters

There are plenty of possibly-gay characters in gaming, but these are the most recognizable and furthest out of the closet.

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maniacf402685d ago

he should be #1 on this list

Fel082685d ago

In the gaming world, as long as u enjoy gaming, there is a place for everyone.

LeonSKennedy4Life2685d ago

Except Spaniards!

Get them outta here!

BannedForNineYears2684d ago

You shouldn't say that Leon, it's offensive to butt pirates.

HxCGamer2685d ago

Suck it dude
Spain is where its at

Darkstorn2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Homosexuality shouldn't be 'frowned upon' in games, but it does 'matter' from a storytelling perspective.

I realize that many people strive to be 'colorblind' towards homosexuals, however I think we should let every manifestation shine - be they cultural norms, mannerisms, or ideas. Gay characters have unique things to offer to games, and they should not be lumped in with 'normal' characters, as many homosexuals take pride in their individuality and willingness to break societal mores.

Brewski0072685d ago

It depends on the context that the gay person is protrayed.
If protrayed in a unique storyline thats not "normal" as you put it, then it could be met with mixed reactions from the gay community.
Some may feel pride in a homosexual theme being raised and protreyed to their liking, while other homosexuals may feel like they're being discriminated and singled out.
Developers walk a very fine line representing minorities (not just the gay commnunity) in video games in fear of the backlash they'll receive from the public, which is why i think we dont see as much as we should these days.

jmare2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

What unique things do gay characters offer? You do realize that this comment makes it seem like the only thing important about gay people is the fact that they are gay.

That is my biggest problem with the gay rights movement as I see it: They act like the only thing that matters is being gay or rather that's the most important facet of gay people is that they're gay. Not that they're doctors, lawyers, plumbers, bums, etc like everyone else. Not that they have bills and stress and just want what's best for their families and friends, just the fact that they are gay.

To me, having just one aspect of who you are as a person being the only thing that defines you is just sad.

Also, your argument implies that homosexual people are more individualistic than heterosexual people which is stupid because there is no connection between sexual preference/orientation and individuality. Furthermore, your comment implies that gay people choose to be gay and don't most gay people claim that they are born gay rather than choosing to be gay?

weazel2685d ago

Why is this even an issue?

Darkstorn2685d ago

That's a very good point. I can definitely see people of the same persuasion coming to completely different conclusions based on something as simple as a gay character's prominence in a story.

I'm not saying anyone is more individualistic than anyone else, I'm simply making an example of a potential characteristic of a homosexual individual. It's completely non-objective.

And I don't see where I allude to homosexuals not having a choice in the matter. I did not make that argument, as I don't believe it is true; homosexuality is not a choice.

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weazel2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Regardless of choice, through highlighting sexual preferences you're running the risk of having gtbg 'overly camp characters' that pander to generalisation if you're not careful. Surely its better if sexuality is only addressed if it is an absolutely vital part of the narrative. If not, then it's either titillation or sensationalism.

(As mentioned earlier, sexuality shouldn't be an issue in games unless it's integral to the story line.)

HumanStark2684d ago

You only run that risk if you decide to make all of your characters into base stereotypes. If a male character casually mentions having a girlfriend back home, it is considered character building. If that same male character mentions having a boyfriend back home, people will accuse you of rubbing it in players faces.

ALL video game characters should act like human beings (except, of course, the ones who aren't human beings at all). All human beings have a sexual orientation, and it comes up in ways we don't even notice because we're accustomed to it. Whether it is subtly hitting on their preferred gender, talking about their life experiences, or God help us, experiencing a romance, our sexual orientation is often the topic of conversation.

Homosexuality shouldn't be limited to only serving a purpose or making a point. It is part of the world we live in and should be treated as such. A gay character shouldn't only "be gay" when it is absolutely required, just as a heterosexual person should be allowed to be as straight as they want, any time they want.

Brewski0072685d ago

Wait....wheres Tails!! We all know Tails, you may as well let it out into the open !!

silkrevolver2685d ago

He’s, like, 10 years old!

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