Will Zelda Wii be game of the show at E3 2010?

Gaming Gauge writes: "With E3 just a couple of days away the hype train is going full speed ahead and there's been numerous leaks and pre-emptive reveals in the last couple of weeks. One of the earliest titles confirmed for E3 was the next installment in The Legend of Zelda series, with Eiji Aonuma commenting that he wants the title to be playable at the event, despite that very little is known of the title."

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Kingdom Come2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Everyone has their own "Game of the Show", its personal opinion.
It wont be for me, but it will no doubt be for others. But I have no doubt it will be a good game...

villevalorox2814d ago

Everyone is looking for "THAT" game at e3, mine happens to be TLG and Agent.

Danteh2814d ago

You know what impresses me? That there hasn't been a single leak with Zelda Wii. Seriously, the workers there must be really loyal to Nintendo, and because of this secretism I predict a MASSIVE suprise with this game

It's gonna be like a fucking nuclear bomb, I can feel it, like when they announced the cel-shaded Wind Waker.

I have no idea what it could be but... lololol :P

TheXgamerLive2814d ago

however for pre teens and many females, sure.

for me it'll be Ghost Recon future soldier, or fable III and Halo Reach, oh and Fallout new vegas, and Brink and APB and Gears 3 and ......... ha ha ha sooo many.

BigMassacre2814d ago

That statement made no sense. You do realize that Zelda has been a franchise since the late eighties, right? Most fans since then would be well over the pre-teen phase. Even the fans who got into the series with Ocarina of Time.

Oh, I see. There are no guns, no blood, no gore. Quite the "Gamer" you are.

turok2814d ago

and dude are u the type who "anything that doesnt have a gun sux" type of gamer? as far as i can see on that list all i see are fpses. and dude. preteens and females? are u retarded at the professional level or just a gifted natural?

gtamike2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

One of the PS3 games will be game of the show at E3 2010.

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GuruStarr782814d ago

If it's done right this time, and makes the best utilization of the motion plus and wii's controllers.....a classic controller option would'nt be so bad either...... I think Miyamoto needs to go back to Zelda's roots and bring back the gameplay and simplicity that made the Original Zelda and a Link to the past so fun, while still keeping the visuals as on-par with current specs as possible.......

Kingdom Come2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I havent seen a reaction as compassionate by fans like that in a long time at E3, maybe I just cant remember...

SpoonyRedMage2814d ago

That is surreal and I doubt Nintendo would be able to replicate it even if Zelda Wii was the best game ever.

villevalorox2814d ago

that is damn crazy. I've never seen that kind of reaction at e3.. Although I don't think I've seen the crowd when announcements are made.

ozstar2814d ago

E3 has become a bitch fest honestly. The crowd booed that Natal guy last year because he was taking shots at the Wiimote and Sony, and that pretty much sums up the current view of E3. Cynisism and low brow attacks, and it will probably be worse this year.

And people wonder why everyone sees Nintendo's "smile on everyones face" as some ridiculous marketing ploy, theres just too much hate and fanboyism involved.

Arnon2814d ago

That video still gives me goosebumps...

Mahr2814d ago

Spoony is probably right. The Twilight Princess reveal was as big as it was because it was completely unexpected and exactly what everyone wanted.

Zelda Wii, on the other hand, is anticipated to the point where there might very well be physical violence if it *doesn't* make some sort of appearance, and moreover, I think it's going to take some time for a lot of people to warm up to the initial announcement of whatever development path it turns out Nintendo is actually taking with the title.

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LeonSKennedy4Life2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )


It's just Zelda.

The Last Guardian will be there. Zelda doesn't stand a chance.

Chill out, Zelda fanboys. Maybe you should try playing Ico or Shadow of the Colossus. Actually, try Okami. It's better than any Zelda.

Disagree all you want. The Last Guardian is going to own!!! Don't be stuck in the dark ages with Zelda.

eagle212814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

You are a rabid fanboy. Go away from Zelda articles. Who the hell do you think you are fooling. This is a game's site not Sesame Street. :)

There are a million other games you need to preach about avoiding...but Zelda? Get the cuff outta town. So I guess we should avoid Ico, the Last Guardian, and Shadow Of The Colossus...cause awesome games should just be avoided by your logic. :)

N4BmpS2814d ago

I'm hyped for The Last Guardian like any other real gamer should be but don't bring the Last Guardian's humble name into this.

qface642814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

i don't think you understand how things work
zelda will get game of the show simply because its zelda disagree all you want its actually true
the gaming media is awaiting the next zelda like rabbid dogs

big name games like zelda, halo, GTA always end up getting game of the show simply because they are those big name games

Optical_Matrix2814d ago

Lol qface. Do not bother. Fanboys can disagree all they want. Zelda is the one franchise that gives media from all 3 camps raging boners. There will be qeue's stretching as far as the eye can see the get a hands on with this game.

barakiu2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Jet Grind Radio
not a big commerical hit, and came from out of nowhere.

may the best game win.

SpoonyRedMage2813d ago

It's not just because it's a big name though, all the Zelda games have been quality(except the CD-i ones) and even the worst Zelda's are great.

Ocarina of Time isn't the highest rated game of all time because it's a big name because there's a whole lot of bigger names out there. Zelda just happens to be a series that deserves its big name.

tunaks12814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

will see, and this is coming from a huge SOTC fan

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TROLL EATER2814d ago

ahaha its just the last unknwn guardian. game looks decent but ico, shadow and okami are nothin compared to the zelda series.

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N4BmpS2814d ago

You know that feeling when you haven't had anything to eat in a very long time and you've just been doing stuff to take your mind off of it and by the time you see anything remotely edible you treat it as if it were a gourmet meal? Yeah? Well that's what Zelda is basically, this isn't a knock against it in anyway but immediately after the release of the Twilight Princess Nintendo gamers wanted the next Zelda. So at E3 if the demo/teaser trailer is good Zelda could very well get whatever it wants.

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