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Hot Metal Gear Cosplayer Celebrates The MGS Series

The release of Peace Walker has MGS fans excited and animated. This fan in particular has created and cosplayed practically every character in the Metal Gear universe, from sexy classics like Meryl to even crazy super Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4. (Culture, Kojima Productions, Metal Gear)

N4GAddict  +   1532d ago
They put a lot of effort into it
crapgamer  +   1532d ago
They are all Asian...
CR-Y-SIS  +   1532d ago
You think white are the only race in this world?
OneSneakyMofo  +   1532d ago
90% of the time, Asian cosplayers blow any other country's cosplayers out of the water.
KillerPwned  +   1532d ago
Yeah these girls would get it lol

I always wanted me a Asian haha

Sniper wolf i think is the best.
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Akagi  +   1532d ago
Cool, another cosplay article. Totally news.
sam2236  +   1532d ago
LMAO, Omi's no cosplayer! She doesn't even make the costumes, she gets others to to make them and passes them off as her own.
almehdaaol  +   1532d ago
Oh how I've missed thee.... that woulda been cool!

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