Live Streams and Countdowns of E3 Press Conferences

Live stream hosting of major E3 press conferences. Also has countdowns until the conference.

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thePatriot2781d ago

No confusion about the time zones. clear and awesome. got the countdown going. this is how you do it

Brewski0072781d ago

Couldnt have said it better myself :)

steve30x2781d ago

This was posted already yesterday.

Red-Dead-Roar2781d ago

and thankfully it was posted again because some of us played games yesterday.

tdrules2781d ago

Watching streams with friends is the uncoolest cool thing you will ever do

sa_nick2781d ago

Aww man. Even if we're smoking bongs and BBQing chicken wings?

jhani2781d ago

give me a link to live video streaming of Sonys e3 press conference?

juniordee2781d ago

Not 100% sure but I think its the same link, just look at the address. It says press-conference, doesn't specify it's Microsoft only.

deadheadfred2781d ago

I haven't been this excited about E3 in a long time. Sony is going to come away on top this year. Not sure how M$ will do, Natal is going to be too gimmicky and expensive in my opinion. Wish I could go...

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