MGS4 - New Hi- Res Pictures

Newly released hi - res MGS4 pictures from the ongoing event in Japan.

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ReconHope4159d ago

to get my hands on this.

Frulond4159d ago

this game is going to be amazing

timmyp534159d ago

looks awesome.. cant wait for the HD feed

MikeJonesOK4159d ago

i just urinated on myself ;p

mighty_douche4159d ago

graphics aint anything when it comes to a good game but MGS4 appears to have everything, could take half-life2's place as the greatest game EVER!!

oh and by the way has about 40 high res pics from the demo, go check them out!!

[email protected]4159d ago

*spanish* AHI DIOS MIO!!! QUE ES ESTO!!!
*english* OH, GOD!!! WHAT'S THAT ANYWAY!!!

Man, Man, man those pics it's WHAT I"M WAITING FOR... Absolutly mind Blowing. Kojima-san ur are a monster!!!!

ReconHope4159d ago

just adopt me. I can stay in the basement, backyard, even the

[email protected]4159d ago

Yotsuba... mind u IF stole u idea just now ^^. But,I preferred live on Kojima-Studio ^^.

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The story is too old to be commented.