GGTL - What we think will happen at E3 2010

"Here at Gamer's Guide to Life, we're getting a bit excited. With our man in the Rocky Mountains, 'Greg' (he has no second name), heading over to Los Angeles to cover E3 2010 event live, the etherical office has never been so buzzing with joy, apprehension and left-over cake (it was Greg's birthday). So, to channel our rampant hopes and wishes into something more constructive, we present to you the games which we at Gamer's Guide to Life - and a few of our good friends - think will be announced or shown at E3 this year.

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kidnplay2839d ago

Nice article - like the way you've got opinions of other journos as well as your own. Looking forward to your coverage :)

Valay2839d ago

Of course Zelda will be there!

mjolliffe2839d ago

E3 should be awesome, I just haven't enjoyed all the leaks :/

kharma452839d ago

Leaks be damned! There will be much more in store, what has been leaked has really what companies really wanted leaked I think, there have been no real gaffes like PSP Go last year.

crapgamer2839d ago

because otherwise all the pre-E3 hype would be strictly Microsoft. that's not fanboy talk either. It's just all you've been hearing is how Microsoft is using MTV, the big screen at time square, Natal, Natal, Natal, Natal, Xbox 360 slim etc... all while not actually revealing anything. So in order to not be put in quicksand, Sony had to release game info early.

Sony Fiend2839d ago

MTV, Times Square, Justin Bieber, iCarly, Cirque Du Soleil

Sony fans get
SOCOM 4 Killzone 3 inFamous 2 LBP 2 Motorstorm: Apocalypse