Title Update 1.02 Now Available for Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Rockstar writes - "An automatic title update (version 1.02) is now available for Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You will be prompted to download the title update as soon as you sign into PSN or Xbox LIVE.

The main issues fixed by the title update are as follows:"

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MetalFreakMike2623d ago

Nice! This is a great game but it has too many glitches. It is about time they release a patch to fix these problems.

himdeel2623d ago

...finally can avoid nooblets and random casual doofuses.

BiggCMan2623d ago


WildArmed2623d ago

Thank God they listened!
I might hop back in soon for some Co-op action (DLC) and hardcore FR! :D

TheXgamerLive2622d ago

i got him and the Deadly Assassins outfit right away but he could never do the mission, but now finally the crying can stop, ha ha ha

kneon2622d ago

They fixed some game play issues but it seems graphical glitches have increased since the patch. For example twice now I've played poker on an invisible table with all the other players faces blurred out, very strange. The random lighting changes seem more frequent now as well.

But Mo van Barr did show up on the first bounty notice in Armadillo, so I've completed everything now. time to move on to some other games.

raWfodog2622d ago

Cool. Maybe by the time I decide to pick this game up they will have all the bugs worked out.

DelbertGrady2623d ago

The main issues fixed by the title update are as follows:

* Resolved various NAT incompatibility issues (Click here for tips on how to optimize your firewall settings)
* Improved connectivity to multiplayer for users with slower connections
* Improved reporting for Shootout and Gang Shootout games
* Fixed instance where Mo Van Barr would not appear as a bounty
* Fixed multiplayer titles not appearing for some users in the outfitter
* Fixed instance where lawmen stopped responding even though the player was wanted
* Fixed Issue with hogtied victims disappearing when ragdolled
* Fixed crash in Free Mode when cooking dynamite and going into the water
* Fixed audible glitch at the end of some cutscenes
* Fixed Solomon's Folly Action Area not ending after posse leader teleports in late
* Corrected Social Club 100% Tracker so stats update properly
* Various multiplayer issues addressed including load screen hang-ups and UI glitches
* Eliminated miscellaneous game crashes

dkblackhawk502623d ago

I would love to know who disagreed with you...that is exactly what the main issues are o.o

nix2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

wow.. so many bugs???

EDIT: lemme rephrase, "so many bugs???"

dkblackhawk502623d ago

let me rephrase, they "were" the main issues.

RedDevils2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

there more? I only have trouble with the mo van barr bounty

nygamer282623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )


Tibasco2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

They also will be releasing Hardcore Free Roam with expert aim only enable.

Gothdom2623d ago

They nerfed the XP given from all MP hideouts. I like the work they're trying to do with fixing stuff and all, but the nerfing is pretty annoying.

klado2623d ago

I liked the game but...
HOW CAN THAT GAME GET 10 EVERYWHERE...Sheez, the media, dancing their arses for this kind of game, oh well, well oh!

And sure, those who disagreed with you, have to be Xboxer, mark it.

himdeel2623d ago

...and there games aren't legitimately reviewed. There're only praised.

WildArmed2623d ago

I agree.
I think the game was a 8.8~9.5
not a 10 BY A LONG SHOT
The competitive is sub-par.
free roam is fun but laggy and bugged.
And there isn't much to do at this point in Free Roam.
I'm eagerly awaiting the co-op dlc though.

Oh, and the Single Player was amazing.
10/10 for that.
Competitive, 6~8/10.

kneon2622d ago

the list above doesn't mention a problem I encountered in which I could not get a bounty at the last location needed for 100%.

I kept trying but after Barranca came up 11 times in a row I decided to try something different. I killed everyone except the bounty target and just kept chasing him until he arrived at the last location I needed. It only matters where you kill them, not where you found them. So I killed him at the other location and finished off my 100% completion.

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Dellis2623d ago

I was able to get passed a part that froze before, the game now has better framerate also on the PS3.

Eazy-Eman2623d ago

In my game that won't let me play liar's dice in casa madrugada, it pisses me off >:(