So how does it feel to be a part of a Gaming Expo?

GB writes: "Attending a video games expo is surely an amazing thing and the best thing to happen in a video gamer’s life. As you guys know we were at the London Expo two weeks ago and we shot down tons of screens from the expo just to give your avid readers the excitement behind attending an expo. We have over 50 images, so I hope its well worth your time."

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Valay2811d ago

I didn't even know that event was happening...

gameseveryday2811d ago

This event happened..uh..I guess about a week ago. Pretty big in stature, they had over 2000 cosplays! lol

Conloles2811d ago

Im sure it feels better to not be a virgin.

Ziriux2811d ago

No one cares about the London Expo as nothing major is announced but recycling of stuff we already know.

gameseveryday2811d ago

Well its the biggest game show in London which is attended by over 40,000 people. I agree its no where as close to E3 but yes, its big at least in numbers, no doubt about that.

Optical_Matrix2811d ago

Nah, Eurogamer Expo is. London Expo gets more it's notattendees but gaming is only a small faction of what it's actually focused on. Eurogamer Expo is BIG though. A lot of the time it's the first time the general public gets to play games anywhere in the world. In 2008, it was the first place for the public to get their hands on Killzone 2, Little Big Planet and some other games.

GamingForever2811d ago

wow, man those things makes me thing that I was attending the expo itself. Good job!

Antan2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Not sure about this show, but E3 is quite an amazing experience! It's also very loud!! Usually there are many freebies to be gathered, some cheap...some not so cheap. Chance to see and play things as they're announced, talk to to other development profesionals, meet and greet big name celebs who usually attend, and enjoy the hideous food usually on offer. Though the food is forgotten after a meal at Arnie Mortons Steakhouse!

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