While Sony & Microsoft Pump Up The E3 Hype, Nintendo Stay Mute. Why?

Irish Gaming Site write:

"It’s actually quite interesting to observe that while in the last week we’ve seen Sony and Microsoft state their intent to impress in advance of E3 next week, Nintendo have remained virtually mute.

Microsoft have been pumping up interest in their Natal event, sending out emails to Xbox members promising them the best E3 ever and having a pop at Sony’s first party sales over twitter in an effort you would assume to get everyone talking about brand Xbox coming into E3. Sony have been announcing new titles by the truck load, releasing new gameplay trailers and have pretty much announced every game we assumed they would at their L.A keynote, leaving fans wondering just what the hell are they actually saving for their actual E3 event next week. As it is, between them, they are grabbing all the headlines at the moment and all the pre-E3 buzz.

Nintendo are nowhere to be seen really. But why?

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dangert122933d ago

2bf i can't remember a time nintendo over talks
until they get the graphs and charts out =/ lol

captain-obvious2933d ago

because casuals don't give a fuck about E3
heck Nintendo can skip E3 an still sell loads of consoles and games

dredgewalker2933d ago

Lol... so true. But to be honest they still have the new metroid that i would love to play. Even if the Wii has tons of shovelware the few games that are good are really good.

Biggest2933d ago

It's funny. People are saying things like "Nintendo is always great" as if that is true. Nintendo didn't start with the Wii. They had a nice chunk of time between the SNES and now where times were tough. The past few E3s for them have been snorefests with info on the next Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. I would LOVE to see something cool out of them. But quite frankly, I can't get behind what they're doing. I'm not a Keeping Up With the Jones' casual game player. I want more than a heart rate sensor. I can get those from the AMAL (military reference) any time I want.

IrishAssa2933d ago

"because casuals don't give a fuck about E3"

And the Hardcore don't give a fuck about nintendo.

Every year I get bored and annoyed by their conferance.
The last two have been a joke. One had a hilariously stupid concert and the other just had some oldish women telling people to smile for the whole thing.
What happened nintendo? I grew up with you.

Reibooi2933d ago

Honestly I don't think they need to talk.

It's this simple. They have announced the 3DS and we know we are gonna see more at E3. That's all I need to know. I care about nothing from Nintendo at this point but learning more about the 3DS what it's gonna do how much it's gonna cost and when it's coming. Alot of people probably feel the same.

Other stuff like new games like Pikmin 3 and the new Zelda are the just icing on the cake.

Nitrowolf22933d ago

they are always quite during E3 Time, i just hope this year they make some good announcements.

FarEastOrient2933d ago

They were quite last year since all they could show was Wii Music and Wii Motion+.

This year all I see is a piece of plastic on the end of my finger, Zelda, Metroid other M.

Focker4202933d ago

Sorry to be a spelling troll but its 'quiet' not 'quite'

kesvalk2933d ago

last year was metroid other m and mario galaxy 2, wii music was in 2008...

Nitrowolf22933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

you mother Focker
thx for the correction

XD i just realized me and Far East spelt it the same

NYC_Gamer2933d ago

Nintendo will come hard at e3 with great first party titles..

LeonSKennedy4Life2933d ago

All two of them?

Tell does Nintendo get away with releasing the same franchises every year and Sony gets bashed for releasing like five times more stuff?

Zelda is irrelevant in a post-Okami world.
Mario is always good, but not great.
Metroid will be good.
Pikmin 3. *sigh*

Nintendo gets away with murder.

dgroundwater2933d ago

I don't know about you, but Okami was only one game. Its sequel is a Nintendo DS game at that. How does this discredit Zelda at all? Most people prefer Zelda anyhow (I did enjoy Okami on the Wii myself).

FarEastOrient2933d ago

You forgot Pokemon on that list...

ChickeyCantor2933d ago

" the same franchises every "
Yet people still go ape-sh/t when they reveal Killzone 3?
3 < third one in the series.

eagle212933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

LeonsKennedy is so wrong, Okami is so overrated by you it's sickening. You give that game a bad name. Just stop it. Zelda is not only better than Okami, but 97% of games period. And Mario outscored everything this year so go hide or something. lol :)

Metroid will be better than good, try AWESOME.
Pikmin 3 is not even announced yet.

and since some haters agreed with your nonsense let's try this nonsense on for size:
Killzone 3 is nothing but Killzone 2 remade.
Move and Natal is irrelevant, in a post Wii world.
Gran Turismo 5 will be good....
Okami is better on Wii.

Valay2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

I think a lot of people are underestimating Nintendo. I don't know if they'll "win" E3 or anything like that, but you can't deny that this conference is drawing similarities to 2004, which was considered one of their best showings (Twilight Princess unveiling, DS unveiling, tons of games, Wii tease).

ZombieNinjaPanda2933d ago

I'm really hoping Nintendo reveals a new Starfox, or Legend of Zelda, hell even Pikmin would be nice, I loved that game.