E3 2010: Why 'Zelda Wii' Should Be 'Majora's Mask' Pt. 2

Game Rant's Phillipe Bosher writes: It’s almost here folks. On Monday, June 14th, E3 2010 will start up in Los Angeles ,and just like every year, there are loads of unannounced stuff waiting to be unveiled. As usual, the biggest secrecy (and underground hype) is surrounding the Japanese giant Nintendo.

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Nitrowolf22842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Majora Mask was an awesome game, i love the side quest to collecting all those mask.

joinsideke2842d ago

Awesome Article! This should be read by all

SpeedyDesiato2842d ago

Thanks buddy, I really think that Zelda Wii would benefit from adopting an approach close to Majora's Mask!

TruthbeTold2842d ago

what I want from the next Zelda. Meaningful side quests, and plenty of them.