The Director Of The PS4 Viral Clips Revealed

Earlier this week, a mysterious viral clip appeared online. It was followed by another equally mysterious clip. Sony denied the clips were theirs. So, alright then, who made them?

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DA_SHREDDER2836d ago

He's very talented,so were the actors, especially the dude who starts freakin out. I was sold.

captain-obvious2836d ago

Sony got 2 choices to do
1- sue this guy
2- hire him to do their adds

ps2ftw2836d ago

sony aren't like that
they wouldn't sue him

Brewski0072836d ago

Sony Wont sue as it was clearly academic, but they'll be impressed by his creativity no doubt and I'm sure if anything he'll be getting good results in his project.

Kurylo3d2835d ago

sony couldn't sue them if they wanted to. Hes not making any money off it. Hell he can make a commerical nocking sony saying "we've lost this generation" and they still wouldnt be able to sue him. By law he is able to do parody.

Hazmat132836d ago

it was chuck norris. lol i hate him so fucking much.

Dellis2836d ago

PS4 is on TESTING PHASE, this was real, don't be fooled by them saying it isn't/

dead_eye2836d ago

Ok if it was real why would he be playing mw2 in one of the videos. There isn't going be a ps4 it's gonna be 2 ps3s linked up and sharing processing power. Lol only kidding with that but wouldn't rule it out.

galgor2836d ago

I applaud the mans work. He had the gaming community ablaze!

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