The hottest babes of 15 years E3

Have a look at the most beautiful and sexiest babes in 15 years of E3. Starting in 1995, E3 has always featured newest and hottest games presented by sexy ladies.

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Tony-A2959d ago

Does that say "E3 Babes of 2007" under the pictures? Because I thought they didn't have Booth Babes that year?

gameslowdown2959d ago

...this isn't news, oh right I'm on N4G - Carry on

wicko2958d ago

Stop submitting links using google translate, holy shit. Are people so desperate for submissions they scour german websites for lame articles?

crapgamer2958d ago

You have to get articles like that, it's really the only way to get the three approvals needed on this site. The big articles are almost always taken.

SuperbVillain2958d ago

wow you people must be gay,this is the only site I have been to where they actually complain about pictures of women.

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