E3 2010: Sony Online Entertainment Release New Trailer For The Agency

PushSquare: "We've been talking about The Agency for a long time now, but this latest trailer finally shows the game in a polished state. Just basing it against other trailers SOE have revealed for the game, this E3 trailer looks slightly redesigned and hella spunky. We daresay it will make a big presence at E3 -- whether that presence will come under the PlayStation 3 banner (which the game is planned for), we'll have to wait and see."

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captain-obvious2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

looks nice
for an MMO

@ below
as far as i know its a normal MMO just like any MMO you can find on PC

dangert122841d ago

this like a MAG competitor?
or does this have a story i'm lost and don't see the point if its just shooting MAG will kill it lol

TheJudgement2841d ago

Will have missions objectives etc lvl up system.

Conloles2841d ago

MMO which will be superior on PC

AtatakaiSamurai2841d ago

it has an MMO element to it in that it continually evolves as time goes by (MAG will not be the same 6months from now or a year from now etc etc) but it is a FPS with small MMO elements

This game IS an MMO w/ shooting mechanics

morganfell2841d ago

Conloles is just bawling in every 360 thread he can find Samurai. He is suffering buyers remorse.

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secksi-killer2841d ago

but yeah looking pretty nice.. another game to buy me thinks

ChozenWoan2841d ago

Kind of looks like a "Mass Effect" online multiplayer set in the near future instead of a couple of centuries later. I was expecting some James Bond (Rodger Moore)/MGS type of a game. This looks more or less like nearly every arcade shooter out on the market.

MysticStrummer2841d ago

This trailer only shows action oriented gameplay, but there are videos that show stealth elements and gadgets, along with some discussion about the persistent world MMO aspects. I've been waiting for this damn game since the summer of 07 when I first stumbled onto info about it online.

ChozenWoan2841d ago

This is the first gameplay video I've heard of for Agency. I've seen some screenshots in mags and online, but this is the first vid I've seen.

Hope the impression I've gotten from my first vid of Agency is a result of just dumb luck and bad timing or something.

vhero2841d ago

Was anybody else NOT impressed by that trailer?? Especially since this is coming from Rockstar.. Oh wait I am a PS3 fanboy right?? It was magic! Did you see the graphics!! Exclusives for the win!! lol as if.. Not hyped for this game one bit MS can have it. Not surprised its an exclusive being an MMO though as paying 2 subscriptions just to play it on 1 consoles bound to turn some members off.

Cenobia2841d ago

Rockstar did not make this game and it is coming for PC as well. "THE Agency" is a Sony Online Entertainment game, while "Agent" is a Rockstar developed PS3 exclusive.

This is an MMO, and I haven't seen many MMO's with blow your socks off graphics.

Gamehead362841d ago

SOE =/= Rockstar. The Agency =/= Agent. Jesus people do some research.

ChozenWoan2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Thats why I was thrown so far off by this vid.

I was thinking of Agent by R*.

To Gamehead36
Calm down, there are so many games coming out and the only difference between the names of these two is very small.

t's like comparing screenshots for different racing games without captions to tell you which is from which game. Most of us only skim the names of games and thus our misunderstanding of which game we where looking at. It's not like we confused GoW3 with GoW3... one is PS3 exclusive and the other is 360 exclusive.

BattleAxe2841d ago

It almost looks like it has a Rainbow six like cover system. This game is looking pretty sweet.

Anon73492841d ago (FF14) (Blade&Soul*) (Guild Wars 2)

The Agency doesn't even look for an MMO, captain obvious maybe you should stick to consoles.

BattleAxe2841d ago

Maybe he will so that he can play MAG which has never been done on PC. Stick to PCs and WoW, strive for that purple armor you sucker.

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zeksta2841d ago

As long as they can keep a good fun factor to the game, i'll buy it.

Anyone else notice there was a shield in a modern shooter MMO?

pansenbaer2841d ago

Art style reminds me of Team Fortress. Looks mad fun!

JonDiskonected2841d ago

I thought it was supossed to be a spy mmo and it looks like a generic fps

e-p-ayeaH2841d ago

every shooter is somewhat generic nowadays

RageKage142841d ago

It looks like a generic first-person shooter, even though it is in third-person?

JonDiskonected2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

did you watch the trailer? its first person(looks to switch to 3rd person when in cover though)

AtatakaiSamurai2841d ago

it's both 1st person and 3rd person. it's both straight up guns out shooting or it's stealth. depends on what faction you choose and what missions you're on

beenees2841d ago

Another fast food TPS. The indestry seriously need some innovation.

e-p-ayeaH2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

This game is suposed to be something else but a MMO shooter is still a shooter.

AtatakaiSamurai2841d ago

so an MMO where you melee in pvp is a hack 'n slash and not an MMO? it's like people just want to be ignorant.

MysticStrummer2841d ago

It may end up as a "fast food" shooter, but if you watch some of the past videos where the developers talk about what they have in mind for the game, it has the potential to be something very different and cool. Only time will tell.

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