Gran Turismo 5 to allow for Forza-like Customization?

PSInsider writes: "In the recent GTTV Gran Turismo 5 trailer, the ending, as always, shows the "It only does Everything" campain.

If you look carefully, you can see what I am talking about. The stuff they show in these campaigns usually is only one frame long, so you need software that can display video on a per frame basis."

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fr0sty2776d ago

Let's hope so... they need to bring it if they want to compete.

dangert122776d ago

i love the customisation on forza at times i go on edit some vynals and come back off it really is like a whole different game mode with the time you can spend making vynals/designs etc

Conloles2776d ago

Pretty lame if they dont, somehow I dont think they will as theyve only been polishing it for god knows how long now.

FarEastOrient2776d ago

I would love to slap a Playstation Nation logo on the Ferrari if I get that chance!

EvilBlackCat2776d ago

well custom visual designs are a great thing but...

where is the info about the racing simulation aspect of the game?

custom tuning?

ShinMaster2776d ago

As long as people don't end up making cars that look like they're from "Pimp My Ride", like half of cars in Forza, then I guess it's ok.

Honestly, I'm happy with engine tuning and body kits.

rockleex2776d ago

Starting to offer a lot more customization, it would make sense.

It would fit in with the Play, Create, Share motto.

But I only care about paintjobs and bodykits. Hopefully the bodykits affect aerodynamics too.


Gran Turismo 2 already have Customization. You don't need to be able to paint Naruto on the roof to customize a car. When you change the muffler, tune the engine or go for a full rally kit, it's all customization.

I believe we can expect to have more parts, painting options, more body kits, etc... But don't expect to write your name in the car, Kazunori knows better than to break the class the series is reckoned for.

I'm not against full customization, I loose hours doing karts in MNR, but GT shouldn't feel like some amateur or illegal street race. You should feel like in the same pro level of legends like Senna, Shelby or Schumacher.

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unrealgamer582776d ago

For gt5 to bring It, Didn't forza have to be better than gt5 prolouge

demonddel2776d ago

u must be on some dope or something if u think that

fr0sty2776d ago

let me clarify... it needs to bring it to compete with an ever evolving market that is steadily offering customization more and more as a standard. not necessarily just forza, but racing games in general.

blumatt2776d ago

I don't think GT5 has anything to worry about, even if there's no customization. Most GT5 buyers want realism, 3rd party wheel support, and everything GT has given us in the past. GT5 is going to be the racing game bargain of the century. I wouldn't be surprised if they try selling it higher than $60 in some countries. (Yes, I know $ is not the currency everywhere. You know what I mean.) Although, I doubt it'll go any higher here in the U.S.

poindat2776d ago

Would Gran Turismo really feel like Gran Turismo if a bunch of 12 year old were allowed to slap dicks all over the shiny, beautifully modeled cars? It would be an insult to the beautifully detailed and lovingly modeled cars. Gran Turismo is, to me, more of a museum of cars than anything; a game of collecting, where you race in order to win and better your collection. I just don't see the need to slap on aero kits (a lot of which would be useless, no doubt) or paint cars in ridiculous schemes. I like how it has been done in past games: you are given a set of colors to choose from and you choose the one you like best. Simple, clean, and fits in to the overall style and atmosphere of Gran Turismo. All I need are the customizations that really matter: the deep and effective tuning system that GT5 will no doubt excel at. All other customizations are fluff.

But if people really want visual customizations, then so be it. I won't complain as long as I'm not forced to use them. Both sides of the fence are happy. :D

UltimateIdiot9112776d ago

I concur. I never saw the appeal of custom paint jobs. It feels amateurish and takes away from the car. I mean these manufactures are pretty hard on the whole damage thing imagine how they feel when they see their car with penis and other derogatory images on their car.

Reminds me a few days ago on Kotaku

I feel if they add visual customizations it takes away from what GT is all about but I can't stop PD if they implement it. I just rather they didn't.

I do hope they add custom tracks. That on the other hand would be interesting to see.

-Alpha2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Why do you assume that that's all the customization allows for? Saying "oh, 12 year olds are going to make penises" is very ignorant. It's like saying "oh, let's not play LBP online, 12 yr olds make penis levels"

I've seen some very nice customized cars in games like Forza. Some that are cool, some that are funny, some that look really nice, some that pay homage to other games. If it adds an extra layer of fun and creativity, why not? I don't understand why people are against features that could make people happy and that can add some more variety. You don't have to race these cars, and perhaps you should be only be able to use them offline if people are so offended by custom paint jobs, but you have to at least appreciate that Forza had it and that many creative works came out of it.

And I'm not saying this to you, but many people just wont admit to wanting or admitting that the creation aspect in Forza is nice. I've seen more insecurity and elitism in Forza/GT threads than I have in PS3/360 ones funnily enough. You guys honestly need to hug or something. It's OK to borrow features and ideas from each other. It would be nice to have a Create/Share aspect to it.

I'm interested in seeing the track creation they have, hopefully that's pretty deep.

poindat2776d ago

It's not just profanities. Gran Turismo is a showcase of automobiles in their purist forms; a place where I feel that aesthetic modifications (and yes, often ones with questionable taste) will dilute the way that Polyphony wants us to feel about the cars, both on a visual and superficial level, but also on an emotional level. Visual modifications to me just don't feel like they would fit well into the context of what PD is trying to achieve with Gran Turismo.

But that is just how I view the game, and like I said, I won't complain if visual customization features are added to the game. It's no problem if other gamers don't feel the same way that I do, as long as I'm not forced to visually customize my cars.

-Alpha2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I don't have that appreciation for the genre, but it seems that you do. And this is not directed at you, but I feel that much of the time, when something like "Hey Forza had this, GT ought to do it too" and vice versa is said, it leads to lots of hostility and denial. But I appreciate that you seem to have a valid philosophy and admiration towards the genre.

However, I don't think that allowing for customization would take away from the game: perhaps you can download them and share them, but why would you be forced to use them? Maybe you would be forced to see them online, which in that case maybe it should be only for offline. It'd be nice to have, I wouldn't be against such an idea. It'd add to the community of GT5. It's not necessary of course, but I don't see what's wrong with wanting it.

I think GT5 has come to a point where people expect it to deliver on everything and that asking for something at this point counters the time it has taken to make the game. At this point people just want it out. I hope it delivers as well as people want it to.

poindat2776d ago

There's nothing wrong with wanting it. People see the game, and cars in general, in different ways and that's fine. Some people build a greater attachment to the car by adding their own unique touches (and as you said, it could build a community element), and some (although maybe not as many haha) are like me who see GT in a different, more unadulterated way. I may personally be against it, but I can certainly see why others would enjoy customizing their cars to a greater extent.

So as I've been saying, I would be perfectly fine with customization features added in, although they would be seeing no use from me. ;) That's another great thing about GT: the scale of the game is so expansive that there is always the possibility for multiple factions of gamers to be satisfied with the single product.

Nice to have a respectful discussion with you, by the way. You're correct when you say that GT and Forza discussions often become heated and ignorant!

Krugsy2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I just wanted to quickly add that I enjoyed reading your guys views on this, its nice when people can have a respectful discussion/debate on here without it turning into a childish exercise in flamethrowing. I'm not too fussed either way on the customisation issue, however, I would prefer to keep it offline. The cars are gorgeous enough, and I would love to play with them in the way they were designed by the manufacturer. I feel that with too much customisation it would turn into a NFS:Underground or Midnight Club type of game, when its not that type of game. But hey, that is just my view, and the problem with aesthetics, is that everyone likes something different.

EDIT: Just want to clarify that when I refer to customisation I am referring to cosmetic customisation.

-Alpha2776d ago

I think a good compromise would be that it exists to create, share, and download, but it should be kept offline (single player and split-screen) to maintain the realism if the player so chooses. If they have online races that are split between ranked and non-ranked playlists I expect to see customization in the non-ranked playlists.

And pointdat, I apologize for saying it was ignorant of you to say 12 yr olds would draw dicks. I see that you have a very strong philosophy for your love of the game, and I originally assumed that you were just trying to spin the fact that GT5 would be borrowing from Forza, and once that idea exists people tend to get very angry at the thought.

Good discussion indeed, +bubbles to you guys.

lpfisher2776d ago

The thing is, this isn't an arcade racer, it's a Racing Sim. as poindat has said, Gran Tourismo has a reputation of flawless, beautiful modeling. I don't know that I want custom paint jobs and vinyls. Body kits? Maybe...just maybe. They've always allowed you to choose car colors and for me, that's sufficient.

Enate2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I see what you are saying and I understand where you are coming from. Though there is a reason Polyphony Digital go to the Sema show every year. Like you said you like your cars a certain way an that's fine. On the other hand understand that some people have a drive for customization in their body. That they would love to be able to unleash on Gran Turismo, myself included. I have no problem with it being purely optional an I respect by sides of the argument an I would hope others would do the same.

I don't understand why some people look at the GT series as the top tier of racing games for car enthusiast of all kinds. An yet want to shun the ability of customization of one's personal vehicle.

@Alpha Male I agree with a lot of what you said I think most people look instantly at a negative aspect of customization. An they could always give you the ability to not display others customization online. On the other hand you keep mentioning Forza as if it was the first to feature customization. Borrow a feature? I hope you realize that there are plenty of games that have made customization popular before Forza.

@hxczuner I agree bodykits is one of the main things I've always wanted in the series. At a long time ago it was mentioned that GT may be updated quite a bit. To have real world parts release in game as they did in real life.

I'm not so sure why everyone seems to be afraid to want more from a series they claim to love. Car customization is a part of car culture of all walks. To customize or not has always been the question but it has always been left up to the owners.

soxfan20052776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

As far as customization goes, most race cars are customized in real life. Nascar cars (a big selling point of GT5) are painted with new logos nearly every week promote everything from cat food to the new summer blockbuster.

In most racing categories, the beautiful cars are slapped with sponsor logos on every square inch that can accomodate them. Having customization in a game allows players to accurately simulate real life racing circumstances.

IRetrouk2776d ago

bubble to you, its always been about the cars.

Shadow Flare2776d ago

midnight club has custom paint jobs on cars, and i thought it was really cool. Until i saw other peoples. I worked really hard on my 3000GT to make it look like a racing car and i thought it looked awesome. Then i looked at the highest rated cars and all i saw were South Park paint jobs, batman paint jobs, superman, simpson, spiderman paint jobs. And it was just trash. And thats what everyone ends up driving. I do not want to play GT5 and see all the other people with simpson ferrari's and batman aston martins. Keep that trash away from GT. GT is a celebration of the car industry, not the tacky childrens pop art industry

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ChozenWoan2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

There has been nothing more satisfying than tweaking your ride to maximize acceleration and handling. That is why people love the GT series so much. Visual customization would be nice, but isn't that important to GT gamers.

+1 to poindat and UltimateIdiot911

TheWretched2776d ago

If you bothered to read the article, it says exactly that! But I guess reading is overrated in this day and age...

karl2776d ago

doesnt need customization

this a pro race simulator.... not some street racing game..

facelike2776d ago

GT has had customization since the first one. It's part of the allure of the game. Not stickers, we're talking shocks, tires, suspension, etc; the stuff that matters to a driver.

karl2776d ago

but when some fanboy names forza customization they are talking about stickers paintjobs etc...

soo i was replying to that...

oohWii2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

It GT5 keeps copying everything it learns about Forza, it will never release. Everytime GT5 appears ready to release it gets pushed, for more tweaks. I mean we have had 2 forzas release two years or more after GT5 was annouced. I hope that don't try to add too much and make the game so techinically intense that it takes 4 hours just to get a custom car on the track.

I know it's going to be a great game, just release it already.

ATLGAMER2776d ago

came out and everyone forgot about it....Gt still aint came out and people are still talking about it...even after it comes out...dud its GT

Proxy2776d ago

Talk, talk, hype, hype, release -

then nothing.

Well, I guess you get a "lets play game X" thread in the forums, and 12 replies, but that's about it.

talltony2776d ago

That is the one and only thing that forza has on the GT series.

anticooper2776d ago

what are you talking about, thats just crazy talk! GT5 is the king and you now this man, stop acting like a little child.

Strikepackage Bravo2776d ago

I never use that stuff in Forza, the most I do is tune my engine, upgrade tires rims, suspension, and change car color. Im not talented enuff to draw a penis on my car, nor would I want to.

gamerzBEreal172776d ago

this isn't a reply but i want to be on the top of the comments and i think the GT5 reless date got leaked? if u look on amazon it says november first
2010 :}

Shani2776d ago

Yes, Yes, Yes.. Please make all cars customizable...
I am not asking make customize in game just like Forza.. but if its like forza I am not complaining either.

I just want fully customizable cars to drive in GT5.
Please make it true.

ScoobyDrew2776d ago

PLEASE include an upgrading system. what i mean is the ability to modify the engine, add turbos superchargers, lowering kits, aerodynamics, whatever. like in GT3 aspec but with even more possibilities... and being able to paint it up would be nice too :P

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SynGamer2776d ago

I'd say the customization is going to be extremely close, parts-wise, to Forza 3.

ChozenWoan2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

GT has been around long before MS thought of making a console... let alone Turn Ten thought of making a racing game.

GT is the definition of console racing simulator.

I'm scared to think of what PD could do if they had PC specs to work with. Talk about realism beyond realism.

SynGamer2776d ago

And we thought Crysis 1 crippled computers...I can only imagine.

As for my original comment, I don't get why there are 5 disagrees. I was simply observing that GT5 will likely give us the ability to customize parts just like in Forza 3. I doubt there will be a paint mode though.

telekineticmantis2776d ago

GT always had customization...

-Ikon-2776d ago

thats what im saying you can change everything. TROLLS SHOO

ChozenWoan2776d ago

Imagine a Mod Nation Racers type of editor but more serious and mature for making professional type race tracks for GT5....
ohhh one can only skeet thinking about it.

Elimin82776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Yes, yes it did..... I was a bit confused when they said forza like!

Narutone662776d ago

they were thinking that you could paint your cars with Power Ranger or Barbie Doll. I would rather not have that kind of customization.

Biggest2776d ago

That's why we have ModNation. Kids want to paint funny pictures on their cars. GT isn't for "cooler" paint jobs.

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