E310: Project Natal Event Live vs MTV

Gamertag Radio writes: "The Project Natal event happening tomorrow in LA will be around an hour and 45 mins compare to the MTV/Nick-At-Nite version which is recorded/edited. This one will last 30 mins long commercial-free."

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talltony2930d ago

or do we have wait until its on tv on tuesday?

m232930d ago

Only on MTV/Nick at Nite on Tuesday. I don't think anyone can even talk about the event until then.

wazzim2929d ago

Seriously guys, all those kids are going to be freaking annoying after the event.
"GIVE ME NATAL FOR MY BIRTHDAY PLZZZ!!" all for just $180 lol


Lol, not to mention the Co host for MS in E3 is Janette McCurdy, ROFL!

GuruStarr782929d ago

Those announcements right there....killed any inkling of faith I had in MS and their Natal.

darkknight09962929d ago

and it is the same time as the SONY conference according to

kewlkat0072929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Microsoft will have a problem with that. They are all about hype + marketing.

ATLGAMER2930d ago

They plan to show off Natal...hopefully they bring it...but I know Natal just looks impressive it wont be fun to play...I get what it can do ...but will it fell like what you do matter

DaBadGuy2929d ago

Won't it be on G4 too? The whole Microsoft Press Conference is going to be on G4 on Monday right, does that count the Natal event?

talltony2929d ago

the microsoft press conference is not on g4 this year and dont know why. But it will be on mtv and spike.

DTClown2929d ago

Sounds like someone doesn't want a repeat live performance of the BAM scenario! MS does not have faith in their own product to show off on live television. I'm sure they will edit the footage together without any lag or system screwup's to make it appear better than what it is. The public will not be so secretive with their own findings of Natal.

crapgamer2929d ago

What does it matter to a Sony fanboy if Natal does good? It effect's you zero. So let the Xbox 36 fans enjoy what they want without idiotic statements. Clearly the majority of the replies here are PS3 fanboys, so why post in a 360 article?
I'm excited about seeing this. I plan on buying Natal day one. Take it for what it's worth. If there is a slim Xbox 360 and a Xbox portable I'll buy those too.

ATLGAMER2929d ago

If you think Natal is crap your a fanboy...or maybe it is actually fluff and crap and does not deserve the hype....Alan WAke = Natal

IdleLeeSiuLung2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

No, you are fanboy (or more accurately a troll) when you repeatedly go into a Natal specific article just to hate on it forcing people that want to discuss it have to read your same [email protected] every time.

How about discussing stuff you do like! I'm sure there are plenty of those articles around.

pustulio2929d ago

Lol @ the disagrees this site is FULL of PS3 fanboys.

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