Devil's Third Releasing 'Roughly Two Years From Now'

THQ's Danny Bilson has said Tomonobu Itagaki's new title, Devil's Third - announced last night - will release "roughly two years from now"

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PhilipLarkin2957d ago

Aww! Well, hopefully they'll improve the graphics a bit

NYC_Gamer2957d ago

that will be all the time Itagaki needs to work on his next cult hit...

Conloles2957d ago

Thats more then enough time to add in gigantic boobies with exaggerated physics.

Bnet3432957d ago

Unless you like men, who doesn't like big boobies? I rather stare at those then big muscled space marines lol.

mjolliffe2957d ago

Well there's a long time till release then, and I'm sure it's graphics are only suffering due to the small amount of development completed so far (10%) - but they'll certainly get better :D

Jamegohanssj52957d ago

WTF! Well then I guess it will be GOTY 2012.


Biggest2957d ago

I'm thinking it'll be late to the party. Unless he knows of a new console coming out in roughly two years. Nothing sucks more than a game that would have been awesome 2 years prior.

Reibooi2957d ago

After seeing the video I couldn't help but think they should not have shown it off this year. They should have waited till next E3 or at least TGS.

While the game looks to be impressive it's SO early it doesn't make people go HOLY CRAP like it should. The graphics are weak and will likely be MUCH stronger when it's closer to release and the game overall looked really rough.

I know they wanted to hype it up a bit but I really think they should have waited awhile on this one.

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Valay2957d ago

Didn't think it was that far away, but it'll give them more time to polish the game and make it the best it can be.

tplarkin72957d ago

Itagaki usually reveals games much later in development.

Boy30002957d ago

Damn thats extremely far away...thats like the end of this gen.

candystop2957d ago

I'd rather 2 years then waiting 5 or 6 so I'm happy. The only problem is will we be here in 2012 or get sucked down a worm hole and digested.

velcry2957d ago

that the bar would have been raised by then too, right?

It's like before Uncharted 2/ Halo Reach came along, everyone was used to a certain standard in graphics, then WHAM! The bar's raised.

So in the next 2 years... heck, there's going to be tons of crap coming out that'll keep looking better and better.

Just saying.

seij5552957d ago

Replace Reach with KZ3 and I'll understand what you mean by standards in graphics.

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