Sony: July NPD Will Validate PS3 Price Cut

According to Sony, PlayStation 3 sales have more than doubled since slashing the price of the console by $100. But is this success sustainable? Next-Gen spoke with SCEA's Peter Dille on the price cut, reducing costs, PlayStation Home and more...

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PS360WII4134d ago

I'm sorry but I can help it.

Doesn't it seem that it's always 'wait till next time' with sony? Why can't we live in the now?

Shadow Flare4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

they prepare themselves for the future alot more. We waited for games and look what we're getting now. There like 6 or 7 GREAT exclusives coming in 2007. And unlike the other consoles in 2008, ps3 has even more great games, Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII and Versus, LittleBigPlanet, and probably Heavy Rain, 8 Days and so forth.

When ps3 launched people were like, 'the graphics are the same as xbox 360'. We wait, and NOW look at the leap in graphics the upcoming games are making. Some are huge leaps, aswell as huge leaps in physics. People wait, and they GOT the price-cut. We waited and we're gonna get a FANTASTIC next-gen version of rumble. We wait and we get user-generated gaming. We wait and we get a FANTASTIC and free online system that is Home. Not to mention we waited for the ps3 itself, but we now have an absolute masterpiece of a console, WHICH WORKS. People don't like waiting sure, but who always get the best stuff when you do. Its how sony's always done it, how they've won 2 console wars and how we get the best products

Thugbot1874134d ago

Very true, they are always saying wait for the future. At this rate we won't get anything until playstation 4 is here. Sony is also very good at taking good news and hyping it up. July sales don't mean much for Sony not less Sony can keep these sales up for at least until they catch up with the other two consoles. Next Sony kind of caused a fire sale by saying there is 100 dollar price cut but it's a limited amount of time.

PS360WII4134d ago

shadow flare I have that squirrel drinking on my desktop! That's so funny you used that image ^^ good form nothing like a Guinness

nobizlikesnowbiz4134d ago

They're just waiting to see if the consumer will bite on a $500 price point?

Sorry sir, you'll have to drop it farther for me to pick one up. No reason in spending $500 when I already have a 360 thats doing me fine.

Release the AAA games, maybe next year I'll buy one.

sajj3164134d ago

the rumored 40 GB model w/o hardware driven BC is still very much a rumor. In talking to a lot of potential Playstation 3 buyers, they would buy that model as soon as its out. Why? Because they already have the PS2 so hardware driven BC is not a problem. 40 GB might not be a lot but the fact that you can upgrade the harddrive yourself is a great selling point.

djt234134d ago

all i have to say is get more games and i will think about it make sure is AAA games

Bloodmask4134d ago

Please stop with your predictions of the future. All you have to do is get your foot out of your mouth and get the games on the shelf and you would be doing OK.

And drop the price to that of the 360.

Thank You. And have a nice day.

witchking4134d ago

Look, the Xbox 360 is selling about 40k units per week, the Wii is selling about 85k units per week, and the PS3 is selling about 20k units per week.

Maybe this price cut gets the PS3 into the 360 territory. But frankly, doubling their sales only gets them on par with the 360, which means they can keep pace with how far behind the 360 they are.

They need to leapfrog the 360... and at this point I don't think either of them is going to catch the Wii. The Wii is gonna fly past the 360 by early '08 and keep on going, because as much as we hardcore gamers might scoff at the idea of waggling around for hours in front of the TV, most of the mainstream people can afford a $250 box and the idea that their kids might get some exercise while spending all that time playing video games.

Which means the PS3 and the 360 are gonna duke it out for #2. And right now, the PS3's hopes are on doubling their sales so that they can stop falling further behind the 360. Interesting strategy. But hey, they're in this for 10 years, remember? This is still year 1.

uxo224134d ago

Nintendo has the right idea, people say the wii is for kids and in most cases they are right. The PS3 and 360 are generally owned by individual gamers from 15 to 50, where as the wii is generally owned by families. (with two or more kids.) It's been a while since there has been a console out there that youths under 12 could use that had new content on them. And their parents weren't worried about blood and guts.(n64) Now the wii is something that their parents can sink their teeth into if for no other reason, it makes a good baby sitter.

Although the wii has the wiimote, which is pretty much innovative within itself, beyond that, there's nothing else to go oooh aaah over. Be, when was the last time you say an 8 year old complain about graphics. (I'm not saying that everyone the own the wii fit this description, I'm just speaking on this demographic because it think they are the majority.) So, I tip my hat to nintendo for coming up with a fool proof strategy. And that's the reason the wii will continue to sell because families will continue to grow.

There are no little ones in my house, and we have no interest (at least not yet) in owning a wii. Sales wise the wii is beating every one, but revenue wise based solely on console and accessory sales (individual dollar amount) I think sony and ms consoles are probably making more money simply because they cost 1.5 and 2 times more. However I could be wrong, nintendo still could be pulling in more cash who knows.

A lot of people don't realize, that it's the kids that create mainstream sells not the young adult. (I'm speaking video game market) Nintendo picked their target carefully and it's paying off.

witchking4134d ago

I agree.

I also like how you managed to squeeze "wii fit" into a sentence without meaning the new boogie board controller. Bubbles!

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