Top 10: Crash of the game-series - these titles have changed to the worse

These games were once unquestioned top-titles no gamer could do without.However,in the meantime theses titles have changed to the worse. Cynamite shows the Top 10 of the moste degenerated games ever.

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GuruStarr782841d ago

I was really disappointed when Zelda II came out and tried to be a sidescroller (not to mention, uber-difficult) I'm glad that the series returned to overworld view in Link to the past....but props to Nintendo for trying.

Baka-akaB2841d ago

i can't really agree , that kind of departure is what brought many of the currently loved ideas and concepts for the serie .

Greywulf2841d ago Show
Darkfocus2841d ago

it was just a different game but it certainly wasn't a change for the worse because I liked zelda II much more than the first one.

pippoppow2841d ago

It was like GTA going to 2d with a lot less gameplay and overall presentation. I was a kid playing that game and remember being so disappointed.

Was also disappointed in Phantasy Star 3. Loved 1+2 and when I played 3 it was like playing a different game from a Blevel studio. Played it through hoping that it would get better. Couldn't believe it was not even close to being as good as the last 2 were.

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LeonSKennedy4Life2841d ago

Can we please change that title?

"changed for the worse." is the correct way to say it.

I realize this was translated, but don't be lazy.

tplarkin72841d ago

They should have posted them in single page. When you click on successive pages, they aren't translated. No article should be longer than 2 pages.

Greek God2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

is still fun
I dont care about campagn mode
online vs is amazing!
add me for fights i use Lars Greek-God88 (PSN)
i miss tag mode -.-
and why didnt they include Team battle online..?

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