Heavy Rain: Not Quite a Masterpiece

There’s a kind of mystic alchemy to the creation of a gaming masterpiece; you can put together a title with eye-popping graphics, killer sound and voicework, amazing gameplay and an engaging storyline and still not quite have a classic on your hands. Heavy Rain is a title that didn't quite get there.

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chase1672928d ago

somebody is mad that alan wake bombed out

oohWii2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Someone is incapable of facing reality without feeling a need to add some sort of rational to aid in their exceptance of a situation.

Someone states that Heavy Rain is not a "MASTERPIECE" (which is truly is not. Very nice game but not a masterpiece.) and you feel a need to make a punk a$$ fanboy comment to make yourself feel better.

Conloles2928d ago

Lol chase someones butthurt someone called a Sony game not a masterpiece.

Its true it was a pretty good game but the story was fairly generic and it had little to no replay value. Uncharted 2 was for more of a masterpiece than Heavy Rain.

blitz06232928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Any game is a masterpiece to me. It's the result of years of hard work. I'd like to see any of you 2 losers above make a simple game and sell it to millions. Until now, 4 months after its release, this game is still getting hate which it clearly doesn't deserve. It's a game that's like a movie and will obviously get a lot of mixed reviews, but 4 months in and still the hate? Only fanboys make news of this.

nix2928d ago

a bit late to complain... but whatever...

NYPunk882928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"It is a fantastic gaming experience. It sets a new standard in terms of photorealism, the QTE driven gameplay is often exhilarating, and the story is engaging and appropriately mysterious."

And yet it still can't clinch the title of masterpiece.

His only contention.... replay value and French actors. His bias is so obvious. His real issue with the game has to do more with patriotism, national pride and geographic location then the actual game. And the fact that a French based company would dare employ French actors over American ones. Get the fuck out here you Teabagger.

Yet he places Half LIfe 2 and Bioshock into the category of masterpiece. haha

Interesting little bit in their about us section.

"We’re here to do something a little offer an alternative. Instead of covering games the way we’re supposed to, we’ll cover them the way we want to."

Kind of reminds me of a news organization that likes to use the slogan "fair and balanced".

Even the creators of the game said that Heavy Rain doesn't have much in the way of replay value like your more traditional game and they never claimed that it would.

sikbeta2928d ago


So, what's the "reality" we need to face?

A guy giving his opinion on the internet now is more important that everyone else opinion?

it's too late to see an "article" like this now, HR is already out, It wasn't a Masterpiece and it wasn't something New, but it's something really Fresh, something that lot of people were waiting, a Gem in this Generation Oversaturated with FPS Games...

oohWii2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

That it's not a masterpiece.

@Blitz, you point and calling me a loser is absurd. I'd like to see you make a damn game. People call things out all the time. How many times have you said a particular athelete sucks. Be can you beat him? How many times have you said a particular actor can't act or a singer can't sing. Can you do any better.

Can you possible bring yourself to get my point here. If you PYHOUYA and read my comment again, I said HR was a great game just not a masterpiece. So with that being said, I got your loser hanging!

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IrishAssa2928d ago

It was a masterpiece until the villain was revealed. I didn't like his motive at all. Stupid motive, iwas hoping for something better, yeah it was unexpected but still.
Also the plot holes annoyed me, As someone else said, a flawed masterpiece. Parts like gunfights or when the doc is trying to cut the girl open are really intense and some of the best parts this gen.

ElementX2928d ago

I didn't think Heavy Rain was a masterpiece. It was unique, but nothing that blew me away.

SullyDrake2928d ago

It had flaws, sure, but it constantly took risks and pushed story-telling and maturity in gaming to the next level. For that, its flaws are more than forgivable.

pansenbaer2928d ago

Agree. It had its minor issues, but its nothing that kept me from enjoying one of the best games I have played to date. I cried several times...

Focker4202928d ago

I think this article may have been relevant months ago, but now this is just sad.

ArcFatalix2928d ago

the 5 year masterpeice goty UC2 killer, alan wake.

T9X692928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

U2 was just boring and stale to me both online and off.

Heavy Rain was amazing though and Alan Wake was just ok, nothing worth waiting 5 years for.

@knight626 - U2 is overrated. The online is horrible and boring, and the actual gameplay feels stale. There is nothing in U2 that amazes me like there is in Heavy Rain. If U2 didn't have good graphics the PS3 fans would disown it.

@Ocelot525 - I did play both of them, in fact I bought both of them and returned U2 after 3 days because it was horrible, but I held on to Heavy Rain.

knight6262928d ago

UC2 was a thriller game alan awake was a thriller too but didnt live up to its wait...the 5 year wait

Ocelot5252928d ago

play the games instead whining about which game is better

life is much too short to spent it on trolling each other

MysticStrummer2928d ago

"If U2 didn't have good graphics the PS3 fans would disown it." ...Ridiculous.

Snakefist302928d ago

Tat Means Ur No Gamer At ALL.Maybe Im Sensing A 360 Fan!!!!!!!!!!

Deathracer2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Click his name numb nutz, he has both systems. Unlike yourself who only owns a PS3 and is on U2 nut sack. I love the PS3 fanboys on N4G, soon as someone says ANYTHING bad related to Uncharted 2 the fanboys go crazy.

They cant accept the fact that some people just don't like their precious game.

El_Colombiano2928d ago

"If U2 didn't have good graphics the PS3 fans would disown it."

What bullsh*t. Uncharted 2 could have looked as bad as Gears of War 2 and I would have still loved it as the best game of 2009.

Elven62928d ago

knight626: Hunh? Have we played the same Uncharted 2? The game was a third person action game, a thriller is a completely different genre.

Snakefist302928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Dude I Got Both Systems Unlike U Who Doesnt Hv Neither Of Those Systems Only Plays On Pc.Since The Day I Got The RROD On My 360 Ive Hating It Forever Cause Tat Shit Cost Abut $1000 If U Fix It 1 Month Later Goes RROD Again And Again Then I Get So Mad I Throw The Xbox Out Of The Window.They Also Removed My Live Account Too Cause I Didnt Pay Them.

Tat Means Ur The 1 Who Disagrees With Ha Wat A LOSER!!

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SullyDrake2928d ago

I think it's the second best 360 exclusive as well, right behind Lost Odyssey. Is it the GOTY 2010 though? No. I'd give that to GOWIII still. Nothing has topped that game for me yet.

LeonSKennedy4Life2928d ago

Heavy Rain was a masterpiece.

Suck my Move controller, fanboys! Heavy Rain made me cry like ten times.

The Wood2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

like...3 times.....sorry

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