Will you be Re-buying Sonic Adventure? - A Gaming Survey

Mat Growcott of NonsenseGamer writes:

'It's not until one of the big developers comes out and actually officially announces something HUGE that you jump to the calender and mark off the day of release. Thursday, when Sega announced they were re-releasing Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi for Live and the PSN, felt like one of those days to me.

I have a feeling that about half the people reading this are nodding their heads. Those were awesome games, anybody in their right mind would enjoy having access to them.

The other half are looking at the various and numerous ports of both titles that they've bought over the years and have already decided against rebuying either title, even before all the details are out.

Enough is enough.'

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DigitalRaptor2960d ago

Yep, I loved the original on Dreamcast so a PSN version with updated visuals, sound, online leaderboards and trophies, is a no brainer for me!

Yi-Long2960d ago

...I had it for my Dreamcast, but never really got into it (also because I was too busy playing other great DC games...)

I would love to see SonicCD get a re-release though. I would most definately buy that!

matgrowcott2960d ago

I never really saw the hype around Sonic CD. I think it's because I didn't really get to play it back in the day, so when I went into it on the gems collection (Late-ish PS2) I'd managed to have years of people telling me it was THE Sonic game to play.

That said, I can fully appreciate why you wouldn't get into Adventure. Having to finish the Big the Cat story was a little straining...

poopface12960d ago

I have two copies for my DC.

I would buy the powerstone games with online fighting tho.

unrealgamer582960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

depends on price and features

matgrowcott2959d ago

At a wild guess I'd say 1200 points.

So, whatever that is in your respective countries + a little extra for the PSN.

Playbyte2959d ago

So I'll probably try it out.