Killzone 3 Gorgeous Gameplay Screenshots

If there was one thing which was anticipated since last week, it was the Killzone 3 gameplay debut trailer revealed last night during Spike TV’s pre-E3 special. The gameplay footage shows you what to expect from Sev and company’s latest outing in the world of Helghast, and to be honest it’s beautiful. PSLS has caught some high-quality still images from the trailer and it’s northing short of epic.

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joinsideke2906d ago

I hope this wasn't it for KZ news this E3.....

Lifendz2906d ago

I don't know what to expect from Sony this E3. Maybe after the leaks last year they decided to leak the majority of their annoucnements? What could they have left? Gameplay of Rockstar's Agent?

I dunno. Anyway, KZ2 is still, in my opinion, the most gorgeous FPS on any console. Looks like they refined that engine even further. I can't wait to test the controls. I want to see how much changed (or didn't) the aiming system. Can't wait for E3!

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young juice2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

the guns in KZ2 (lightning gun, flamethrower, and stuff) is what really took it above my expectations. and with the added bonus of graphics and the best foot soldiers in any game (helghast) make it a fantastic game

ZombieNinjaPanda2906d ago

>Prove me wrong.

Obvious troll is obvious, move along people do not respond to him.

HolyOrangeCows2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

We aren't really excited. We're pretending we're excited because it's not going to be on PC, and we love the taste of your tears.

Not because it's a great looking game (That would never run so well on a $300 PC) with good AI and fun shooting/hit detection mechanics.

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Rageanitus2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

I can see your point of view KZ2 was pretty generic IMO but it is the best looking FPS on CONSOLES... that is why its hyped. I have played it through 3 times.... although I can honeslty say it is not the best gameplay there are certain game mechanics that make it stand out for instance the bobbing of the gun and when you aim down your sights it really feels quite different vs all the other shooters out there.

@ young juice... mmm the guns really didnt do it for me for most of the time i used the primary machine gun (the one with the green lens). The electric gun was cool but It was not as good as the one found in quake series. They really need to improve the shotgun..... IMO a good shotgun in a fps addss character to a game. Too many games with too many different variety of machine guns becomes bland!

Looking at kz3 I can say there is a slight improvement in graphics which is quite awesome, and once again we see little things that make this game stand out the abilty to mount jet packs twist ppls necks etc.

It will be quite cool if they bring epic sized bosses into the game. KZ2 felt a bit confined in the environment.

Ive played too many shooters out there and as generic as KZ2 is it does stand out a little from the rest of the crowd, but it really stands out as the best looking fps on a console.

Now if you look at the halo front that is generic! IMO its way too sluggish for an arcade style shooter and many of the modes have been done on past pc fps's

dgroundwater2906d ago

I want to hear more too. This has shot up past Reach on my hype list. Only because Bungie hasn't shown single player yet :P

I really wish shooter devs didn't have to trump up online all day long and showed great SP trailers like this one!

deadpool192906d ago

cant wait :D looks amazing

user94220772906d ago

Can't wait till E3. Killzone 3: Epic.

DarkSpawnClone2906d ago

WOW!!!! ... This is great!!

mal_tez922906d ago

And these are soem good screens. Hopefully they have a live demo at E3.

PS. I love this screen. It looks like sev just stubbed his toe or something.

redDevil872906d ago

Sev looks like he just farted or something lol

Games looking really damn good though

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