New Metal Gear Solid announcement coming this E3?

GB writes: "Well, if you view the Page Source (in IE, this can be done quite easily. When you’re on the page, click on the page tab in the top right of your browser, then click on View Source), this is what it lists out as the keywords:
<meta name=”description” content=”KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS E3 2010 SPECIAL SITE” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”KONAMI,Hideo Kojima,METAL GEAR,KOJIMA PRODUCTION,E3,2010″ />
The Metal Gear has been bolded for emphasis."

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halocursed2956d ago

This sounds like exciting news....

gameseveryday2956d ago

I am not sure whether Konami is teasing again us or not, but man imagine the classics Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 being re-released on the PS3 in full 1080P and at a cracking 60FPS. Now that thing will sell in millions.

Blacktric2956d ago

Ah GamingBolt. You never gonna learn your lesson won't you?

vhero2956d ago

Are sites linking to every game on the rumour train lately?? They know its E3 so they linking to every series and game they can think of and if it comes right they can say "Oh we was right!" even if they got 50 things wrong..

zetsuei12956d ago

For 360 or PS3 (better be on this one) I don't care, just don't make it multiplataform. Its not so difficult to see that all these huge games that went multiplataform in this generation the "quality assurance" was not that high and they ended up being lame, just now i can remember:

Ace Combat
Ridge Racer
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy XIII
Star Ocean

*Oh boy! There is a lot more :/

avengers19782956d ago

If it's exclusive it will be to PS3. If it's Metal Gear Soild it will be exclusive to PS3.

silvacrest2956d ago

when people here get pissed at articles that end with a question mark

i want a little more proof

morganfell2956d ago

Want more proof? Well you won't get it. This is absolutely absurd. Metal Gear is category for the page. We do not yet have an official game site for Rising. That mystery page will hold the trailer, screens, buddy icons etc for Rising.

Talk about writing up an article that is nothing more than a reach to nowhere. Perhaps the next journalistic endeavor will talk about random highlighted words on the E3 site indicates the Illuminati control the game industry.

labaronx2956d ago

the rumored ps3/psn version of metal gear: peace walker

frankymv2956d ago

MGS exclusive incoming for PS3.

Trust me.

ps3rulz2956d ago

I bet this e3, MG rising xbox 360 timed exclusive.
A proper mgs exclusive on ps3.
Mark my words.

Bgibbs2956d ago

I'd love to trust you, but could you explain why?

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The story is too old to be commented.