Feature: It’s Here Sony, Microsoft And Nintendo Do Battle

Surely you’ve heard of the movie titled The Perfect Storm? If you can remember, there were certain aspects of the climate that came together perfectly to forge this disastrous combination that destroyed all in its path.

Well just like the movie, a perfect storm has been brewing for a full year in the gaming industry; it’s totally formed, at its peek and is ready to destroy all in its path. They do battle at E3: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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alaa2810d ago

This year's show will be the biggest and greatest. Ever.

captain-obvious2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

E3 started to get overhyped since last year

kfloydchicken2809d ago

MS has hyped NATAL and then leaked an exorbitant price.
So that when they release the real price it deserves (probably 50-70)...
... people will think its a steal!!
MS thinks we're that stupid ...
... Well, I'm not biting.

niceguywii602809d ago

You made a duplicate account a week ago just to bash Natal and supporters? LOL

Inside_out2809d ago

M$ is the only one putting on a show it seems. The fun starts tomorrow...

Redrum0592809d ago

U mean celebs coming on stage to show off multiplats and making it look like exclusives for MS, then yes, MS is the only one giving a "show". As for Sony and Nintendo, they won't do "shows" they will do "conferences" filled with "real" "exclusives".


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Tony-A2809d ago

I don't want them to "do battle", I want them to show games! And features!

Focker4202809d ago

Sony... SHOW NO MERCY!!!!

Redlogic2809d ago

and it's there it seems Sony has the advantage. I'll be looking forward to Sony and MS's conferences mainly. Don't care so much about motion controls but I suppose that could change post E3.

movements2809d ago

The games is what it's all about. It's a battle nonetheless.

zireno2809d ago

Personally I'm looking forward to Sony and Nintendo. Sony because of infamous 2, killzone 3, I'm hoping to see more about the last guardian and with any luck a new IP. Nintendo simply for Zelda. I'll keep an eye on Microsoft to see more about natal but that's it, never been a fan of halo and gears (not that I think they aren't great, it's just not my cup of tea) but if they come with something awesome then everybody wins :)

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