Criterion has response Need for Speed Leak "Cat still in bag"

Criterion Games has via Twitter response to Need for Speed Name Leak, that "Cat still in Bag" ...

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DA_SHREDDER2837d ago

We love you Criterion. Stop it, there is no need for violence. Gesh. LOL!

Dellis2837d ago

Not even they can save that trash IP, EA needs to give it up like they did with LIVE, when something its trash let it go and make a new IP already.

Montrealien2837d ago

I don`t agree, I think a franchise as classic as Need for speed always has a chance to come back in full force. People do enjoy the canpy need for speed games, and Shift was a pretty solid side step to that.

DA_SHREDDER2837d ago

Yeah I dont get it? Was the cat ugly or something? If anyone can bring back the franchise there is noone better than Criterion when it comes to these type of open world racers. Anyone who says different doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.

Omega Archetype2837d ago

Where's the next Burnout Criterion?

I've been waiting for quite some time, cause Burnout Paradise was awesome and I need another one soon!