Sebastian Loeb test GT5 on Le Mans

3 minutes and 33 seconds. 5 seconds better then GT Academy champions Jordan Tresson. Someone will beat this record on GT5 demo at Le Mans?

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PirateThom2955d ago

He should take this more seriously, look at him!

Cevapi882955d ago

i guess there is a reason they call it the real driving simulator thats FOCUS

Perkel2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

he also tested GT4 Online.

He is ace in GT4 ;)

Perkel2955d ago

also if GT4 has this lunch party i wonder what GT5 will have..

FishCake9T42955d ago

The guy is the most beast driver on the planet......apart from The Stig LOL. Loeb FTW.

trancefreak2955d ago

It is here! The living God Rally Racing! The six-time world champion!

After long minutes of waiting rewarded with many gifts and dances inflamed hostesses, Sebastien Loeb has arrived!

Hailed as it should be like a Roman gladiator, he went on stage, grabbed the steering wheel in the simulator and shattered records.

Driving the Peugeot 908 official, he traveled the circuit in 3 minutes 33 seconds, just over five seconds of the GT Academy champions Tresson Jordan, who also attended the event.

This landmark reference time today, since the main contest of the day is to beat his time.

Who will be able to? You? In any case I've already given up! ;)

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pointypants2955d ago

lol i think he looks a bit like jean claude van damme

AKS2955d ago

He's an awesome driver. I recognize him from WRC. I think he's won the title for the last 6 years in a row.

PirateThom2955d ago

And, no doubt, this year will make it number 7.

Bluforce_TAG2955d ago

If Sony give us the same demo, we can try to beat 3':33"


Redempteur2955d ago

sure try to compete against one of the best driver on the planet ATM who just destroyed the previous record made by the GT academy champion by only 5 seconds

Sure ... seems like a challenge ...

Bluforce_TAG2955d ago

For once we could have the opportunity...
Race against the Loeb ghost, see it in action is quite interesting.
Also to try to improve our "virtual" driving skills.

thewhoopimen2955d ago

Did you look at the pics? He beat the Academy record on his FIRST Lap. That guy's a monster.

Redempteur2955d ago

i have to agree ... but it's a professional .. seven world class titles in a row ...

AKS2954d ago

I would expect to be destroyed, but it would be cool just to see what types of moves he makes and learn from my mistakes when trying to keep up with him. I hope his "ghost" is indeed available in the final game. Actually, having some extra races in which you try to beat the times of famous drivers sounds like a great idea. I'm sure there are other professional drivers who are fans of the Gran Turismo franchise.

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MurerDk2955d ago

I totally agree with Bluforce_tag.. Sony please!! give us the demo now so we beat the time...
....I beat it anytime if there is a Audi r15+ ingame ;)

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