Crazy Japanese TV ad for Monster Hunter Frontier

The guys over at have found this excellent/bonkers Japanese trailer.

Some people in the office think it’s a short film about Man’s destruction of the environment for commercial gain? Others think it’s a guide as to how it’s not to late to live in harmony with nature… Me? I just think it’s just a brilliant promo where Xbox man is building the set for the forthcoming release of Monster Hunter Frontier on the 360.

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Myst2810d ago

This better leave Japan sometime soon I'd really like to play. So far this is the only game that I would consider going Gold for, and thankfully a subscription to this gives Gold.

Hopefully Capcom is listening to people wanting this to be brought over for 360 and PC. It could be like the [somewhat] answer to Final Fantasy XIV and how it's on PS3 and PC.

wazzim2809d ago

The amount of content is just incredibly, just like Unite.