Fifa World Cup 2010 - England Vs USA simulation

With the real match between England and the USA later today, Msxbox-World simulates the match using FIFA World Cup 2010.

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Wizziokid2842d ago

I'll go for about 3-1 to England

Bordel_19002842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

You should see this, Football vs. Soccer.

WTH is Soccer anyway, lol. It's football and american handball.

RedDevils2842d ago

I go with 3 - 0 lol USA FTL
Germany will rape you if you end up second in the group, you know what that mean GAME OVER!!! :) btw I'm dutch I don't give a f u c k about both team but I support England too so, ENGLAND and the Orange FTW!! :)

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hatchimatchi2842d ago

my girlfriend is going for england and i'm going for america. I think we all know america is going to lose though. I hope i'm wrong, that way I can give her crap about it tomorrow.

ELite_Ghost2842d ago

I did a sex game with her for France, if France wins by a margin of 2 goals then I'm dominating the whole night XD, you should try it'll be fun ;)
If she loses then obv its her ;)

RedDevils2842d ago

I actually hope you right :P screw american and their arrogant fag players that want Rooney to get red card

Bordel_19002842d ago

RedDevils, you're such a retard.

Meryl2842d ago

1-1 i have no faith in my own team england as they have not been playing very well recently

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Silentmerc3nary2842d ago

lol @ the very end (starting at 7;11)

"Here's a call. Why did they choose a goal keeper for this game? Because he 'asn't been anywhere near the ball yet."
-"Look at the sweat on his face, Clive. 'E's 'ardly been involved in this match."


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The story is too old to be commented.