PS3 3D Update Confuses Gamers

So Sony released patches to a couple downloadable games, and released one game demo, making them all compatible with the new stereoscopic 3D format. But Sony didn't really tell anyone how to access the 3D content.

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ActionBastard2874d ago

Do you really need to be told?

WildArmed2874d ago

I agree.
it's not like they are going to have a HUGE pop-up once the firmware updates to tell you about the new amazing features.
they've never done it till now, why would they suddenly do it.
They included a Browser that links you RIGHT to the site.
Just click it and look up the stuff you don't understand.

No point in asking for something that Sony has never done.

InfectedDK2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Maybe your right..
But it's not that it should be a "HUGE pop-up" on the PS3..
More that they could have mentioned it on their blog about it..
Wouldn't be that difficult to mention.. Apparently a lot of people don't know how to do it.. So there's no debate that they could and should have mentioned it :) But no worries, not the biggest "mistake" to do ;)

In general I just think that people want some clarification about how it works and with what..

chester2874d ago

never underestimate the general stupidity of the public

mrv3212874d ago

It's said to infinite.

Dave13512873d ago

dude thats retarded thinking. i still have no idea what 3d games are and could care less

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tplarkin72874d ago

There's only 2 ways you will know a new feature exists. First, you are told. Second, you stumble upon it by accident.

Also, if you read the article, the feature is buried in the settings and nobody has found a way to enable it.

ZombieAutopsy2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Most likely have to have your Ps3 hooked up to a 3D capable TV to enable it. Just like you need a HDtv to set it up for HD settings.

Raz2874d ago

1. Update creates new display options.
2. Display options not automatically engaged.
3. Go to PS3 settings and engage them yourself.

There we are. All sorted out.

Campy da Camper2873d ago

I have the misti 60" DLP 3-D ready and according to Geek Squad it is obsolete. This 3-D tech was old and the new one that Sony uses does not work on my tv EVEN WITH THE ADAPTER. Basically, I am screwed and pissed off. In the process of calling the store I purchased the TV from to threaten a global meltdown if they don't switch me out.

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jaredhart2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I have a friend who bought a PS3 for the first time today. He asked me several times the past week if he would need to buy a wifi adapter or pay for online. I told him "no". Today he calls me up to tell me he just got it and is setting it up at home.

So of course he asks me again if he needs to buy a wifi adapter and pay for online.

gamerzBEreal172873d ago

lol its a pretty big shock that u dont have to thats just sony for ya :}

Focker4202874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )


Did he previously own a 360?? :)

deadpoole2874d ago

Damn ... cuz I thought buyin $$$ Xbox 360 accessories did number on his brain and he was still in shock that how come PS3 is givin so many things for free.

Focker4202874d ago

Ya it probably only allows it if you have a 3D TV. Which most of these people probably don't. I tried downloading the pacific rift demo and it wouldn't let me select the 'play in 3D' option. I checked all the settings & there was nothing about 3D. So I'm certain you must have a 3D TV hooked up.

Moonboots2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I have one of the pre 2010 Samsung HDTV's with 3D it is very disappointing that Sony did not support the "checkerboard" 3D format and if they expect me to rush out and buy one of their spendy 3D TV's they are crazy.. Disappointing start to this 3D thing.

I am interested in gaming in 3D but going to be a while before I drop any money on it. I'm glad I didn't rush out and buy a pair of the active shutter glasses.

And here I thought it only does EVERYTHING.. j/k

squallheart2874d ago

i have a mitsubishi 3d tv and they are releasing a converter to support checkerboard sad that mitsubishi isnt :/

tyrok3k2873d ago

I too have a Samsung DLP and it sucks that Sony only wants new 3D TVs to be able to see this stuff. The Mitsubishi adapter was supposed to work for Samsung's DLPs but they changed that. Do they not want our $100? Its not like disabling the adapter is going to make us go out and buy a Mitsubishi DLP.

Anyway, a user over on the AVS Forum may have found a way to get the Mitsubishi adapter to work on Samsungs. If that doesn't work, we will be stuck buying a Panasonic 3D Blu-ray player that supports checkerboard to get anything in 3D soon.

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