The Disaster That Threatened Uncharted 2

Evan Wells, co-president at Naughty Dog, disclosed to Game Informer why live demonstrations aren’t always fun and games. In the days leading up to E3 2009, a pesky bug found in Uncharted 2 forced Naughty Dog and Sony to think fast for the big show.

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kratos172689d ago

yes the media would have blew this up if something went wrong during the greatest E3 demo ever made (IMO)

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mal_tez922689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I was going to buy it anyway before I saw he demo because I love Uncharted 1, but that demo made me want it so much more.

Hopefully there is a demo of Killzone 3. The trailer was pretty cool, but some pure uninterrupted gameplay footage is what I want to see.

Proxy2689d ago

An ugly bug shows itself in an early build of the game and nobody is willing to look past it? I fail to see how the game was really threatened. It would have been a good story, repeated by every gaming website, but people would get over it - at least I have to hope they would.

ReservoirDog3162688d ago

This is actually a cool story. They must've been so scared during the demo.

NYPunk882688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

It's sad when the only game you can flaunt is Halo. hahaha!

And mad luv to NaughtyDog! UC3 is going to be bonkers!

gtamike2688d ago

Yeah Halo is good let the video do the talking ;) ;)

NYPunk882688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Halo MP....bouncy-bouncy-shoot -shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot - shoot-shoot-shoot-bouncy-bounc y -shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot - shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot- s hoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-s h oot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-sh o ot-shoot-shoot-shoot-bouncy.

UC2: Shoot-chuck a quick granade-slide to cover-shoot over your cover with gun only-jump over cover roll-clime wall-pull player down to his death. pfft! Awesomeness!

Yeah let the video do all the smack talking for me. :)

nbsmatambo2688d ago

"Bungie did the same thing with the Halo 3 in game cameo in an older E3 and synced an extra console. But they were more afraid of RRODs…"

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mcgrawgamer2689d ago

Greatest of this generation, I'd be inclined to agree. Greatest ever made; HIGHLY debatable.

madmonkey02689d ago

debatable yes, but a contender no doubt!

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ArcFatalix2689d ago

good job naughty dog that was epic though.

jerethdagryphon2688d ago

a lot of companys would have recorded the sequence and switched to that if there was a problem props to nd

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