E3 2010: First Bodycount Footage Looks Kind Of, Well, Early

PushSquare: "We're not really sure why Codemasters have decided to show Bodycount so early. When you have to put a little disclaimer at the bottom of your footage, something is clearly wrong. From what the trailer shows, the concept for Bodycount look pretty solid -- you shoot things and they blow up. But the feedback from the weapons looks all kinda wrong."

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Dylantalon12869d ago

i remember a dev thats working on bodycount saying that killzone 3 is crap well all i have to say is that i think he was talking about bodycount.

captain-obvious2869d ago

looks like ASS … an ugly one that is

i mean it feels like playing crysis with shitty graphics
and WTF is that music ?

Conloles2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

God that voice is terrible and wtf is with that reticle

TheGameFoxJTV2869d ago

LMAO, Crysis on LOW looks 10x better than that. They should have waited a few years before showing the game. Seeing as how it's nowhere near a presentable state.

Cevapi882869d ago

gun recoil looks way off....and the flash from the muzzle is crazy...needs to be toned down...i didnt even notice bullets making contact to enemy AI

hesido2869d ago

Muzzle flashes don't even create meaningful shadows or light up everywhere in daylight, but in games they almost, almost always get it wrong. Here, they went beyond wrong..

MegaPowa2869d ago

Your taking games to seriously >_>

Cevapi882869d ago

the fact that the dev wants us to notice, is them trying to be serious about their game...and sadly the video is disappointing

MegaPowa2869d ago

How would you know what the dev wants you to notice

ChronoJoe2869d ago

Doesn't look too bad, and the idea is that everything is excessive, if you don't like that. Stuff like absurdly sized explosions, particle effects and muzzle flashes then you're not going to like bodycount.

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arakouftaian2869d ago

your mouth too much, you look like a clown a idiot clown

i mean how long have him working on this game?
look at KILLZONE 3 its also on pre-alpha so
its no excuse how much better can the game look?
not much

ChronoJoe2869d ago

You clearly have no idea what pre-alpha means. It doesn't mean the same thing for each project. Killzone already had the core mechanics set in stone from Killzone 2, the only thing that's in pre-alpha is the new content, enviroments, enemy AI, weapons and whatnot.

The other stuff is of course, looking good.

arakouftaian2868d ago

the game is still far from finished
once they hit alpha it means that they have all in place
and will polish everything ealse, like i said before
no excuse this guy ''create'' one good game black
buts this looks like a copy of brink but everything ugly
and outdated

kratos172869d ago

and to think the creators of this game were talking shit on some of the top shooters like KZ and Halo

jay22869d ago

You've got to LOL, haven't you?

ActionBastard2869d ago

Did I just see Chapel from Spawn?

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