Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution, new screenshots

Square Enix released new screenshots of Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution.

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tommyth3cat2902d ago

The environment of this game is perfect, all of the concept art looks great but I want some in game screens!

AtatakaiSamurai2902d ago

and I'm really afraid in-game scenery may not look similar to the trailer or even the sense of open spaces may not be there in the game

why do I feel this way? cause it's multiplat on console. I just can't help shake this feeling of "what are they going to have to cut out or compromise to make it equal on both console platforms"

disagree all day long but this question is always in the back of PS3 gamers minds - like a splinter - when it comes to announced multiplat games that look really hot with their trailers.

hennessey862902d ago

i loved dues ex on the xbox what a game if this is half as good i will be buying it

PrimordialSoupBase2902d ago

Invisible War was pretty mediocre.

Chubear2902d ago

So, anyone have info on if this will game more like Deus Ex1 or more like IW or maybe a combination of the two?

poopface12902d ago

Its supposed to be a prequel to deus Ex right? in deus ex they still used regular helicopters, and in this game they have more futuristic everything. I guess thats more of a flaw with the original.

But I read that this game will use regenerating health, SUCKS. REGENERATING HEALTH NEEDS TO GO. I hate it. Just because halo had recharging shields is no excuse for every freaken game in the WORLD to have regenerating health. This is a huge problem with todays games I think, and its one of the reasons games are insanely easy.

Only characters with recharging shields or wolverine should have anythng recharge. It should fit in to the story, not just recharge to make crap easy.

There was already a health aug, med bots, food, health packs, but they still need to include recharging health. MEH

copium2901d ago

Maybe regenerating health is another aug?

Kingdom Come2901d ago

Man, this game is going to be Sweet!
If its got the atmosphere of the Epic E3 Trailer, its gonna be Awesome!

tudors2901d ago

this is my type of game.

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