Rock Band 3 Officially Announced – New Instruments, Gameplay Modes & First Tracks Revealed

Harmonix and MTV Games, a part of Viacom’s MTV Networks, has officially announced Rock Band 3, revealing a number of new features set to be included in the next generation of the interactive music gaming platform. Featuring an incredible 83-song setlist and access to far more music than any other music game, as well as innovative new gameplay modes and instruments, Rock Band 3 will change the way fans think about and play music games.

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kevco332956d ago

Yeah, OK, I'll admit it. I DID think that RB3 would just be more of the same, but the improvements they're touting do sound amazing...

wicko2956d ago

Yeah its pretty impressive alright. I'm looking forward to the Pro Drums feature, I have the ion drum kit, just need to add a few extra cymbals.

Redempteur2956d ago

rb3 is already set to be pruchased for me ...

midi support sealed the deal ...

Rb3 is a game with a purpose
GH6 is a brutal legends copy with gh elements that were already stale since 3 years ago ...

Dsnyder2956d ago

Bring in some heavy music and this might stand up to GH6.

StankyChicken2956d ago

I don't know what world you're living in, but Rock Band killed Guitar Hero a long time ago.