XboxLiveAddicts Review: Split/Second - Velocity

Fans of Xboxliveaddicts will be long familiar with Black Rock Studios previous work. Better known as Climax. They developed some of the most popular MotoGP titles to date. After handing over the licences, Disney Studios purchased Climax and turned them into Black Rock Studios. They then got to work on the well received ATV freestyle racer Pure and whilst we were all amused with Pure, the studio was secretly creating another type of racer, that game. Is Split/Second.

To give the game a little more credit of ‘we just wanted to blow s*** up at you whilst you raced.’ The game adopts a televised style of presentation. With a 12 Episode season running of around 6 different events each episode, giving the viewers plenty of variety and destruction. Racers can earn ‘power plays’ mid race to use on the environment. Earning these can be by performing drifts, jumps etc.

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