Pre-E3 2010: Ape Escape (PS3) Concept Was Stolen

Ironstar: The PS3 exclusive title Ape Escape was intended to be released a while back in 2006, but was eventually canned due to "complications".

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sinncross2842d ago

That sounded like fun.

I really hope they make a strong platformer with their new one

InfectedDK2842d ago

Unbelievable how things can change.. From a 2006 relase till now..
Because of other unimaginative greedy minds..

Conloles2842d ago

Im sure it was scrapped why not just name the company? Im sure no one cares its been delayed but you dont need to make up excuses.

rockleex2842d ago

Dr. Richard Marks uploaded many of his Eyetoy videos, including motion controllers and the technology that Microsoft is now using for Natal. In fact Ricochet is just an upgraded version of Richard Marks' breakout game.

Then now it turns out that Nintendo could have possibly used Ape Escape's leaked concepts?

Optical_Matrix2842d ago

Super Mario thats where it came

zetsuei12842d ago

Move into that game along with 3D is going to be so much WIN.

Anyone who played this at PSone knows that the game was indeed perfect for motion controllers its going to be Sony "trap card" and will help greatly to push Move to the consumers.

Timesplitter142842d ago

I must admit that this sounds like a GREAT idea. And I'm usually an anti-motion sensing fanboy.

Just like the first Ape Escape used the analog sticks in creative ways, this one could use the PSWand.

It would be the perfect game for this

sikbeta2842d ago

Totally True Pal, Ape Escape + Move = Day One For Me, This Franchise is Awesome, with Move + 3D will be Completely Epic....

2842d ago

AAAARRRRRRRGH!! Do you know how angry this makes me, F-U! Nintendo.

The original concept sounded like a true AE3 sequel but now we're not going to get that because of Stealtendo.

Seferoth752842d ago

Doesnt take much for you to believe anything does it? Yeah Nintendo ripped this off and went back in time with it.

Sony fans are once again showing why the gaming community looks down on them as fools.

mac_sparrow2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

that you shouldn't look down on Sony fans as fools. You should look down on fools as fools, whatever their entertainment vendor of choice be.

Large and established brands acquire fan bases that consist of many and varied people. I'm sure that you are a reasonable and rational person and yet I can only guess as to your preferred vendor (your comment making it easier to eliminate one).
It is in fact not the vendor with which I identify my current preference (due to past experiences that have always been positive).
Does this mean I must look upon you as a fool? Because you have either;
a machine that has a history of failure?
A machine that is produced by a company who is currently not diverse enough to satisfy their old and loyal customers?
Or a machine that is not being allowed to thrive on it's own merits due to the popularity of console gaming?

No, it doesn't, and I think my above reasons show that no one vendor or platform is perfect.

Banter and debate is both stimulating and necessary for forward movement, but blind name calling, stereotyping and a blinkered view are not.
Unless of course you don't like your bubbles ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.