Rumor: Starhawk to include exciting community features

Dylan Jobe comments about the recent meeting he had with Sony about his next project, heavily rumored to be Starhawk. He also mentions about whether or not he will be attending this year’s E3.

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jay22956d ago

Not when it comes from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

Coheno2956d ago

How is this a rumor when its coming from the developer? And that Sony is excited about it...

1112223332956d ago

The game hasn't been announced officially. Nothing regarding Starhawk has been confirmed.


Conloles2956d ago

Maybe the rumour is that Sony is excited about it

Coheno2956d ago

Well then the rumor is if its even that game, the community features seem to be there in whatever game they're making. Title of story should be changed to "Next Lightbox title to include exciting community features"

1112223332956d ago


Maybe so, but I didn't submit the article.

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raztad2956d ago

"heavily rumored to be Starhawk"

That is where the rumor part comes from.

mrv3212956d ago

Starhawk to cause MASSIVE excitement for Warhawk fans.

I loved Warhawk, it was flawed in a few places and I really wished they included the EPIC singleplayer.

ATLGAMER2956d ago

Only thing wrong with warhawk it is not fluid

Marquis_de_Sade2956d ago

Can you expand on that slightly? I consider Warhawk to be a more dynamic and fluid shooter than most due to the nature of the various vehicles present.

Al Bundy2956d ago

Yeah, what do you mean about it not being "fluid"?

remanutd552956d ago

not fluid? what do you mean by that? Warhawk is till this very same day the best online experience i have had on the my ps3 thus far , nothing comes even close

mrv3212956d ago

Not fluid? Your given a open map and can do ANYTHING... jump in a tank/jeep/warhawk/nemesis with ease and you can change around fluidly

I think it's flawed in a few areas, nothing game breaking but something that can be improved upon... such as jumping and not grabbing on.

spandexxking2956d ago

looks like someone got pwned in Warhawk!
The only thing they need to do is fix the few glitches and add some new things for variety.

Shang-Long2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Well we know it's coming, just a matter of when it's gonna be announced

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THE TRUTH2956d ago

What cowardly comment. Warhawk is by far the best overall multiplayer experience I have had on this generation of consoles. I still play it to this day and have gotten much more than my moneys worth. I can't wait to see starhawk it is my single most anticipated game of E3 this year.

BkaY2956d ago

i am playing it right now... just went 17-1 in dogfight...

proflight FTMFW..

only prob with warhawk is ... backward lockon..... other than that it a pretty well balanced game... i clocked more than 500 hrs.. and still going strong...


vickers5002956d ago

No single player. Warhawk is a MULTIPLAYER game. They don't need to ruin the game by adding some tacked on cheap campaign that people will only play maybe once or twice and never come back to. They need to devote their time solely to multiplayer, because that's what makes Warhawk, Warhawk.

I would however like to see a map creator in Starhawk. That, plus more vehicles, more levels, and more weapons (and a few more customization options for matches, character appearance) and the game would be perfect.

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CrimsonFox132956d ago

I hope we see this at E3. Come on, Sony.


Starhawk at E3 would pretty much do it for me,that and everything already confirmed.
So silent they are on this game.......I can't help but wonder......Why do this to a man?

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