Brand New SOCOM 4: Special Forces Trailer and Information

The EU Playstation Blog writes: "Hi all,
I’m pleased to reveal we have a new trailer for SOCOM Special Forces. As a treat we have a few words from Ed Byrne, Creative Director at Zipper Interactive...

...In the trailer you’re going to see first hand the new features we’re bringing to the SOCOM series, including destructible environments, dynamic cover and an all-new tactical AI system. Under all this you’ll see the heart of SOCOM beating – a team of operators working together against unimaginable odds to get the job done.!"

Hit the link for more.

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Conloles2959d ago

yeah just k nothing special

thewhoopimen2959d ago

wonder how many times you've already said that today. You gonna do it for every Sony exclusive?

yoshiro2959d ago

looks awsome...dont know why ppl arent giving any attention to this game
socom 4 is gonna be great

Ivan Drago IV2959d ago

I agree 100%, its a damn shame a lot of people dont seem to care about this game. we need more 3rd person shooters period! I love 3rd person cover shooters like Uncharted and we need more of them, nothing beats the feeling of hinding behind a wall in Uncharted and shooting it out with the other team blind firing.

TheJudgement2959d ago

It just lost the hype after Confrontation which wasnt a full Socom or even made by Zipper. This game will sell at least 3mil has a very dedicated fanbase ill be among those numbers. Cant wait for this to release will tie me over until KZ3!

DeltaZ3R052959d ago

But i was sold on the awesome gameplay footage some time back , i still want to see more gameplay and the functions of this game. But it's shaping up to be great.

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The story is too old to be commented.