Seriously SCEE WTF? These aren't 'HUGE' announcements, one of them is pure BS

Yesterday SCEE claimed that they would have some 'HUGE' announcements on their blog today. And one of them is arguably 'OK' in terms of a Killzone 3 gameplay trailer but the other is complete childish BS not worthy of the hype. Essentially if USA beat England today in the world cup than the EU blog will have to put an American flag up on the blog. Now that's 'HUGE' news isn't it? Honestly, we don't care about two guys who don't care about football (one who calls England 'Great Britain') that seek to play silly games online. MaxConsole expected better from you SCEE and don't pull this sh*t again and abuse trust in the brand.

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waltyftm2963d ago

The USA dont stand a chance against the might of Roony and co, Going to predict a 3-0 win to England.

DelbertGrady2963d ago

I predict an overhyped english team failing like they usually do in the World Cup.

asdf122963d ago

I predict an unhyped USA team losing their first game, and failing to qualify past the group stages.

tdrules2963d ago

US Tactics At Sports:
1) Make country
2) Suck at internationally recognised sports
3)Invent own sports
4) Call one of the tournaments the World Series and only invite themselves and a country who probably don't stand a chance.
5) Be good at them

Boy30002963d ago

Lol got to agree that England ALWAYS dissapoints at the world cup lol.

bjornbear2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

i wouldn't speak...sweden didn't even make it =x, and england are ok tbh this year, but its unfair to say USA will loose

then again, this is a very big anti-climax, but since there were 2 announcements, this has to be the sh!tty one.

however, writer sounds like a butthurt fool

big deal, this isn't THAT bad

GrieverSoul2963d ago


Dont worry! If US cant do it, Portugal will crush the England´s team ambitions like they always do...


I kid, I kid... ;)

spectyre2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Who sucks at internationally recognized sports?

Montrealien2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I predict soccer sucks. Sorry world, NA don't care about watching someone jog 45 miles in 90 minutes with the occasional OOO! Ahhhhhh! ;P

Hocker > Soccer deal!

/on topic

With that said, it would be funny to watch the US beat England.


not enough golds, Canada > US



No need to be a US hating internet hipster, we all know Basketball and hockey totally blow soccer out of the water, I understand, little to fast for you Europeans, amirite? or amirite? rite?

tdrules2963d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

hehe because football doesn't eclipse every single sport that you won a medal for.


I couldn't be a hipster if I tried, I make pensioners look trendy.
I do not hate the US, I hate it's peoples arrogance.
and Basketball/Hockey are nowhere near the popularity of Football, maybe if you jumped out of your bubble you would realise that 300m people do not equal the whole world

Conloles2962d ago

England will draw Capello sucks

Montrealien2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

tdrules said...

"US Tactics At Sports:
1) Make country
2) Suck at internationally recognised sports
3)Invent own sports
4) Call one of the tournaments the World Series and only invite themselves and a country who probably don't stand a chance.
5) Be good at them"

who is the arrogant one?

lol And trust me, I know soccer is more popular, if only by default since it is a sport that is as old as time. I know, you wanna stick to your old guns, teaching a old dog new tricks is a hard thing to do. And maybe, just maybe, I prefer hockey over soccer, I respect you prefer soccer, I just feel the need to remind you that not all of us do.

And if I am not mistaken, N4G taught me one thing. Like a videogame, just because it is more popular, it does not make is better. Amirite? or amirite? rite?

And I am Canadian, we barely have 30 million. You do know where Montreal is don't you? And I find nothing is funnier then a European thinking he his teaching us something by reminding a North American that the world is not NA. Your horse is so high I think your head is touching a cloud.

mcgrawgamer2962d ago

Hey friend I'm from the good ole US of A and I'm not arrogant at all. Please don't put the majority of the populous in the same category of the few in whom you speak of with arrogance.

DaTruth2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I knew that was coming soon!

I predict a 0-0 tie in every game! I will be right 51% of the time! I don't know what you people see in this sport! But what do I know, I only watch Tennis!

Shang-Long2962d ago

Td.. You kinda fail....

There's the worlds and thatS international basketball which the USA is good at, and baseball worlds which is USA and japan. The USA are always top three in gold medals and all around metals in the olympics. Do you list.. Althrough funny isn't correct. But I'm a soccer player and fan so USA beating England not Likely but possible.

spectyre2962d ago

Fortunately for me, I don't feel the need to badmouth a whole country just to make myself feel superior.

Of course, this is the way of the world now. Other countries teach their citizens to hate the U.S. so you are so to distracted to feel the ass-raping you are receiving from your own govt. It works so well, they are even trying it over here now.

Boy30002962d ago

I think tdrules was kidding, I took it as a joke.

pody2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )


Hey smartass.
Check out gold medalist of all-time and then you will see what country is the real deal. Guess what? It's not USA!

And btw, both Canada and Germany both beat USA in gold medallion race in Vancouver OL.

Danteh2962d ago

Spain is gonna win this World Cup, it's our moment with xavi, cesc, torres, pique.... fuck yea

Oh and USA has no chance against England :P

Persistantthug2962d ago

Neither Basketball nor Hockey were invented in the US. While the US didn't win the Gold, they far from sucked, obviously. Basketball though, its barely worth trying to put up an arguement against the US

The winter games is not typically where the US shines the brightest, but it certainly Shines pretty darn good winning the most medals in 2010.

And for the record US pwns every summer olympics...US didn't "invent" that either.

Foliage2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

That's cute spectyre, you American's go by total medals to make yourselves feel better... how are those bronze medals treating you (you know those medals that the losers get, like the silver ones)?

The rest of the world, including the Olympic committee themselves go by strictly gold medals. In which case you got creamed by Canada.

In fact, America used to go by gold alone also, until China creamed you guys a few years ago and you switched to total medals.

Sad really, you guys are incredibly poor losers.

nix2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

aww... look fanboys. how cute!

but seriously... one of the 'big' announcement was pretty lame!

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2962d ago


Apart from 1966.

wages of sin2962d ago

I predict angry Euro trash complaining on N4G.

spectyre2962d ago

I'm not saying "USA owns all sports"... I was simply pointing out that the US does do well in "internationally recognized sports". I just did a quick search and that was the first results. In fact, about the only winter olympic sport I care about is hockey. USA and Canada went tooth and nail on that one and Canada showed they were the better team.

BWS19822962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

have it fine. I'm tired of coming to an international site and being hated on because of where I was born. It's sickening, and the salt in the wound is that the very same people accusing me, AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT MEETING ME, of arrogance and ignorance have the audacity to say the spiteful and vicious things they do. Who's the truly arrogant and ignorant, now? Perhaps you should judge each person on their actions (like I'm doing to you) and not what land mass they were born on. And YES, tdrules and Foilage, you're a load of haters who have no right to make the allegations you do seeing as how you fit the very bill you're trying to pass. You have lost all credibility in calling anybody inferior.

The hatred is atrocious, it's all a bunch of hypocrisy. There are a-holes and good people in every country. Try to judge people, not nationalities.

Spydr072962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Wow, some people in here talk a lot of crap. Pathetic. I'm betting most of you are fat and sit on the comfort of your chair while real people who hold true pride for your country defends it.

So many foreigners bash the U.S. and its people for the arrogance inherent within. But by doing that you're only displaying your own arrogance and lack of overall maturity. Say what you want about the U.S., but how many billions have been spent on the rest of the world of America's money?

I'm a PROUD member of the military and have shed blood and tears for my faith and patriotism whilst wannabes like many of you talk crap about other nations merely out of principle alone. You know nothing of true pride.

Any country in this world can be bashed ad nauseum thru nearly every angle of attack imaginable due to historic mistakes and corrupt government regimes(if you think your govt isn't corrupt...they all are). Many kings of precious England are prime examples of this. I won't even get into the atrocities of Germany...

How many women were raped by the British as they invaded other lands when they had power? Or the Spanish? At least the U.S. doesn't go around slaughtering every living thing in a country, raping all of the women and claiming the territory for their own. Say what you will about the U.S., but when your home countries had the power (if it ever did), you all acted far worse than the U.S. ever has. From Italy and Greece, to England, all you ever did with power was murder and rape for the sole purpose of expanding your pathetic empires. The acts of which have been printed in as many languages as religion.

And sports? Really? You know soccer isn't the only sport in the world. Football, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball, boxing, track and MMA are all sports off the top of my head that have had very dominant Americans in it if not nearly completely dominated by the country.

The majority of all track world records are by African countries, Japan, and the U.S. The U.S. holds more swimming world records than any other country. Not to mention the Olympics.

Wanna talk gold medals and how the U.S. didn't win the most? Ok, well, we did win the most silver and bronze. So, while not winning the gold does mean we "lost", in a sense, more than Germany and Canada, we still didn't get outright CREAMED as much as they did because we placed in the top 3 a lot more. Just shows that while you peaked higher, your athletic well-roundedness is severely lacking.

So, yeah, go kick your soccer ball's not like you're doing anything lucrative to this websites purpose like making good games...which the U.S. does how much better than Germany and Canada? Don't worry, Germans, when it comes to slaughtering the helpless is where you truly succeed. Canada doesn't do anything lucrative for the rest of the world, so who cares?

Wonder how many disagrees I get in a U.S. hating website?

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Americans really can't take the moral high ground over other countries. Britain murdered to create an empire, but Americans did to create their country. How many natives were killed during the creation of the USA?

Yes the Romans attacked other lands, but at least they bought technology and other improvements instead of dropping a nuke and killing over 100,000 people.

Americans made a lot of money from loans given out to countries fighting Hitler, and only became militarily involved after an attack on their homeland. Britain and France fought against Hitler because he attacked Poland and Britain joined WW1 after Germany attacked Belgium.

The list goes on, and I could go into Californian businesses financing Nazi genetic experiments. Germans slaughtered Jews, but you payed for it. For everything another large country has done it's past America has done something just as bad.

Spydr072962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

And who was responsible for that? Hmm, Columbus was Italian and the pilgrims were from the great murderous empire of England. America didn't materialize until much later. Initially it was just murdering the inhabitants of this new land and spreading disease. You can also bring up slavery all you want. While it was wrong, it wasn't limited to America alone. Slavery was a worldwide epidemic and even approved of in the Christian bible. So that would be a moot point.

That's like blaming Mexicans for murdering the indigenous tribes in Mexico. Since...well...a Mexican is just the offspring of an Indian woman raped by a Spaniard (in general, some pure Spanish and indigenous blood could still be present, tho it's mostly Mestizo now).

It wasn't America's idea to murder all the Native Americans back then (since "Americans" didn't exist at the time). It was the British. In terms of world atrocities and corruption, we still fare far better than nearly every other superpower in history.

My point is this: get off your high horse on the so-called American arrogance. It's not like ANY European country who held such power was any less arrogant or less ruthless. They were all more ruthless and savage.

I'm guessing you meant "brought" tech, not bought. So, you're saying no Americans have enhanced the technology of the world? Really? That's naive. No American inventors...I didn't know that.

And yes, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing were unfortunate. We were baited into that war...I can't say much in the defense of it. But if the ruthless Caesars or Kings would have had the tech, there's no doubt they'd have bombed everyone into the ground to rain supreme. Their hunger was for power...greed at its finest.

So, we should have just given money to countries fighting Hitler? In terms of economic rebuilding, America has done more than any other superpower. We've given more money, rebuilt more areas, and given people to volunteer in times of crisis. Would Hitler have help the people in Haiti? Or Julius Caesar (and he wasn't even the most ruthless)? One of England's terrible kings or queens? No. They would have annexed the area, looted it, raped and murdered its people.

The native tribes were no different with their greed.

To my understanding, yes, we did help fund Germany's Human Eugenics research. We invented the "Nazi" style of thinking, basically. As it grew with us, it blew up there. But as a country as a whole, an entire government body never sent mass amounts of cash to Nazi's after it all blew up. We weren't paying for them to make more tanks and guns to kill people.

You paint a one-sided picture--making it seem like the U.S. said, "Oh, you need more guns? Here's $4 billion." and that's not the case.

The fact that the Supreme Court endorsed (to a degree) the Nazi way of thinking is sickening. But we didn't actually try to murder all races on the planet that didn't fit a Nordic stereotype. So don't put the U.S. on that level.

Danteh2962d ago

spydr07 It's not that we hate america, it's that some americans think that they are the best in sports, but their football (aka soccer) team sucks balls :P (no pun intended)

And the FIFA Football World Cup is the single most watched event in the world, with a record of 1100 million people watching at the 2002 Germany-Brazil final

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I wasn't talking about the British coming over and and killing the natives. They were still being ostracised and oppressed when America was America.

I dont know why you bought slavery up. America was one of the last major countries to abolish it and black people were oppressed for years after the abolition. The bible probably does say it's fine to enslave, but religion is that open to interpretation it can be used to justify anything.

I could spend all day arguing over the actions of America compared to the rest of the world. My point is that even though some countries may have done worse, a lot of their actions can't be defended. Others are more shades of grey (Money lending/donations, Marshall Aid.)

I just don't think that arguing that killing 100s of 1000s of innocent people is OK, just because other countries have done worse. Other countries actions can be called out all you want, but that does not make American actions right.

Spydr072962d ago

Agreed. The historic wrongdoings of any nation cannot be ignored less they be repeated...

My point is simply, how can you condemn the U.S. for being so bad and horrid when every country to hold a similar amount of power has done no better? Like I said before, every government in the world is corrupt. I made no exceptions.

BWS19822962d ago

you don't hate Americans, but 90 percent of "American" talk is out of sheer and utter hatred, nothing less. I come here all the time and see it, Americans are judged to harsher standards, and lumped in to some pile of filth, simply because of a few loud mouths.

Guess what, I acknowledge "soccer" is more popular than my fav sport (basketball) and I like soccer a lot too, in fact, I played it for 6 years as a kid. I still like it, but happen to enjoy another sport more. That doesn't make me ignorant, arrogant or deserving of hatred, but you know what? On this and many other forums it does. It's all over, it's ridiculous. There are jerks in every country, and that means America is no different, but don't pretend Americans somehow deserve the ludicrous blanket statements they get. We're all different, and we have a plethora of good people.

It's people like TDrules who despise a nationality and smear them relentlessly that often ends up making some Americans worse than they already are. Many of my countrymen will read his words and only increase their own arrogance and it's a shame, because at that point, neither side is helping the issue. It would be so much simpler if the act of judging someone ONLY on their actions--not their nationality or color or religion--was all we employed. One can dream, though, right?

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Neurotoxin2963d ago

While i think we`1l beat the US (though it will be a tough match), we don't stand a chance in the later stages. England players are a victim of media hype train, i`m sure in other countries these players aren't excelled into godlike figures! Thats why the little countries do well, the players are actual in it for the glory for their country!

TheBand1t2963d ago

And no one in the US will care

Krugsy2962d ago

Well according to some of the comments within this discussion, there are some who care. Plus the hype the US news media is giving it.

DaKid2962d ago

I think a lot of the Hype is from Disney they have tons invested into broadcasting the games.

Nykamari2962d ago

They will care after they beat England today! Just like their fans the English team is too cocky and will be defeated 3/0! Remember that English fighter whom they thought was going to beat Maywheather. What happen to him? I don't even think he fight anymore, he was just too cocky going into that fight and got HAMMERED! The USA will win their first World Cup, beating England will just give the momentum they need!

PS360PCROCKS2962d ago

Sadly no the U.S. doesn't care. But I do and I'm from the U.S. so whatever, not all of us don't care. The world cup is awesome.

shadow27972962d ago

Hype in the news media? I watch the news fairly regularly, especially the sports section. I watch ESPN and Sportscenter. I had no idea the US was playing England until I read this article... In fact, I wasn't even quite sure the US made it in the tournament at all.

The US news media doesn't care either.

thematrix12982962d ago

US Media == Hide all the losing and wrong doing. This is US democratic for ya!

webeblazing2962d ago

naw they dont have to cover up anything most americans dont care even if we win the cup we stil dont i dont even remember the last time somebody even talking about i think it was in hs a girl was trying to get me to go to the school game cause they hardly sell tickets. good luck to yall teams tho. different strokes 4 different fokes.

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paradigmfellow2963d ago

Hey I have faith in my team. US team will win......... in reality I am hoping for a draw.

tdrules2962d ago

who is the arrogant one?
I don't know, you're the one who jumped in and said because football is older and more popular it is inferior to hockey/basketball.
meh I'm coming off here, got some footy to watch!

Montrealien2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

you recieve what you give bud, you new here or something? Don't dish it out if you can't take it in return, this is all in good fun.

Enjoy the World Cup, I know I will.


AliTheBrit192962d ago

I got £10 on England to win

I would have bet much more, but I need the money to buy lots of beer ;)

USA is going to be slaughtered, raped, destroyed hahahaha can't wait to see it

COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MexicanAppleThief2962d ago

£50 here for England to score the first goal AND win the match. COME ON ENGLAND!!!

Jack-Pyro2962d ago


lol, I kid, The reality of the matter is that the English team is better prepared and have more experience, making them the most likely to win.

That said, I would love for the US to pull something out of its hat, it would be very cool.

Jellzy2962d ago

The same England that only beat Japan 2-1 due to 2 own goals? ;)

shadow27972962d ago

Really? That's hilarious!

Ares84PS32962d ago

That beat Germany 5-0 a few years back. Yeah...those guys.

kanetheking2962d ago

ant it all about winning.a win is a win no way around it

BYE2962d ago

The same England that got dominated by Croatia and as a result couldn't qualify for Euro 2008.

England is good against big teams and have trouble against weaker teams. I'd say USA have a shot.

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Snakefist302962d ago

Dude It's World Cup Anything Cud Happen.

TROLL EATER2962d ago

usa beatin england is bigger than killzone 3 trailer lool

Ares84PS32962d ago

Football(soccer) >>>>>>>&g t;you>>>>dog crap>>>>>>NB A, NHL, MLB.

The number one sport on this planet is Football (you call it soccer). Like it or not, the World Cup is the biggest sport event there is. Even the EU cup is way bigger than any US championship games and way more people watch it.

Just because you live in your little world it doesn't mean that the "sports" you know are the best there is.

thematrix12982962d ago

Agreed. Football the world game, American football is so lame. The most beautiful game and most played == REAL FOOTBALL.

RefuelTheFire2962d ago

We call it soccer, because it is not the most popular form of football in our country. There are three major forms in the world: Association Football, Rugby, and Gridiron Football. Soccer is in fact short for asSOCiation football. Gridiron is the most popular form here in America, so we call it football and association football, soccer. Rugby evolved from soccer, and gridiron evolved from rugby. Gridiron is just further down the evolutionary line.

BTW, Just because I am American does not mean that I do not follow the world's sports. I love soccer, cycling, open-wheel racing, and rugby. Sport is a beautiful thing, all sports are beautiful in their own way. None is superior, though I do have my preferences. There are two things that define one's culture, his language and his sports.

Ares84PS32962d ago

Dude, I live in the US too. I know not all people live in a bubble here but most do. Most people here think that the best sports are Baseball and Basketball and American Football. They aren't the best sports out there. I'm not saying they are bad. Sport is sport. What I'm just trying to tell all these imbeciles that stop hating on football (soccer) and start acknowledging that it is in fact the most played and loved sport on this planet and the World Cup is the biggest sporting even on planet earth and stop pretending that the MLB World Series is an actually world series because it's not. It's a national championship and that's all. So is the's not as big of an even as the World Cup....not even as big as the EU Cup.

Basically what I'm saying is that people in the US should start caring about football(soccer).

thematrix12982962d ago

I live in Canada too. I think we can do much better in world stage if most people would care and spend time/money on Football. We just need to kick start that fever then domino effect will continue. Before you know it we'll be a very strong competitive football club.

RefuelTheFire2962d ago

People from several different nationalities compete in Major League Baseball including the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Columbia, Curacao (home to Andruw Jones, yes thats how he spells it), Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, Australia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and there a couple from India (former cricket players) in the minor league system. Also it is the premier baseball league in the world, much like the NBA is the premier basketball league, F1 the premier open wheel championship (which truly is a different sport from stock car racing). The club who wins the World Series is going to be the best club in the world. The second strongest league in the world would be Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan. There is a reason their stars like Hideki Matsui, Ichiro Suzuki, Hideo Nomo, Kazuo Matsui come over here, while Americans Randy Bass and Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes (people who could not cut it in the minor league system) were challenging league records over in the NPB.

Anyways, the match is about to start. Go USA!!! Let's repeat 1950!

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vhero2962d ago

Wow 2 pretty fail announcements in the Huge factor.


Football Soccer on USA is underrated.

MmaFanQc2962d ago

Canada beat usa.....and honestly.....only gold medals matter.

lve2playbball2962d ago

@td rules

Oh I'm sorry I thought this was America...Yeah us Amerrricans are so damn arrogant, I can't stand us. We suck at sports, our economy sucks, the world hates us, and we're the world's sole superpower. Damn we suck. (@sarcasm)
...I'm with Montrealien
...The world loves to hate the top dawg, that's just how it is. Get to know history, it might teach you something. It wasn't so long ago that England was the big kid on the street, same with France. @tdrules--people love to hate.

RuPaul2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Soccer sucks but it's funny that the USA team is tied with Great Britain! USA USA USA USA USA USA!!! Great Britain will fail just like the EURO!

DORMIN2962d ago

Its pretty funny seeing these comments knowing the US vs England game ended in a tie!

Also whats with the butthurt article? Announcing 4 big games in 4 weeks wasn't enough for you?