Pre-E3 2010: Killzone 3 And Crysis 2 Head To Head

When matched up graphically, Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 can spark an argument about which game looks better. Both Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 sport some truly extraordinary graphics and feature unique art styles.

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Kingdom Come2905d ago

Man, you have a picture for everything...

Quagmire2905d ago

Just trying to make the world a happier place :)

ColdFire2905d ago

It's not really a great comparison to be honest.

Timberland2K92905d ago

I think Crysis 2 looks cleaner overall, but Killzone 3's art style still reigns supreme.

morganfell2905d ago

There is also the issue of which one has dull uninspired combat and which one is gritty and in your face.

Elimin82905d ago

One Geegity at a time!? lol

morganfell2905d ago

Do I need any more proof of how jealous non PS3 owners are of titles like Killzone 3? They positively loose control and attack everyone out of anger. Quite funny actually.

BattleAxe2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Non PS3 owners flood Killzone articles and Uncharted articles to make themselves feel better because theres no other platform that has as much going for it.

So far Crysis 2 hasn't shown us anything new. PC gamers get all upset when you criticize Crysis and Crysis Warhead for being all graphics with no substance, but its true. I own Crysis Maximum Edition, played through both games and tried Crysis Wars a few times back in November of last year and havent gone back since. Crytek has alot to prove, but if Crysis 2 actually ends up being a great game I'll buy it, but so far it looks just ok.

menoyou2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Crysis 2 has more polygons but Killzone 3 has way better animation, A.I., etc. This is exactly like what happened between Killzone 2 and Crysis 1. Killzone 2 and 3 win in my book. They are much more immersive than a generic shooter with great detail.

PotatoClock2904d ago

Geez, who cares?
Crysis didn't have much gameplay and Killzone 2 was just boring.
Quit trying to talk up which game is better and just play something and wait patiently instead. Time will tell.

Conloles2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Wow and here everyone will say KZ3 looks better even though it is only 720P runs at 30FPS and isnt even set in an open world environment.


I disagree on the AI, maybe on the animation but considering Crysis is an OPEN WORLD game it is clearly superior but of course your a PS3 fanboy so its no point putting facts in front of you.

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-Alpha2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Crysis will have the superior graphics simply because it's on the PC.

I doubt how it will look on the console versions, and comparing PS3 Crysis to PS3 Killzone 3 is the only fair comparison to make, but what's the point? Are we trying to find what has the best graphics overall? It's Crysis on PC.

Are we trying to see what's got the best graphics on consoles? Then likely Killzone 3 when it releases, (I contend UC2 still looks the best).

Really, I don't see the point. Both games will look great, and they are just so different to compare that it's worthless to try, especially since these are such early models. I will say however, that the guns and death animations in Killzone look far more effective and dramatic than in that Crysis trailer.

Anti-PS32905d ago

Damn Alpha-Male22 you cannot bring your logical thinking to this website. That is blasphemous.

thewhoopimen2905d ago

if you ask me PC Crysis2 > Killzone 3. If you ask me console KZ3 > Crysis 2.
I think so anyway. Between the two trailers... KZ3 looks more polished at this point.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2905d ago

A reasonable, rational and logical analysis of a situation? WTF you doing on N4G??

mal_tez922905d ago

I agree with you. But then again, it also depends on what hardware your PC has. My old computer would definitely run Crysis 2 with better than Killzone graphics, but my new one will not :(

Snakefist302904d ago

Dont Talk Bullshit Dude Cause Only Those Who Hv Fully Upgrade There Pc Wil Able To Play Crysis At Full Setting.I Can Assure Many Pc Gamers Around The World Doesnt Hv Fully Upgraded Pc Like Me Will Not Be Able To Feel The True Graphics And Gameplay..And Abut The Ps3 u Dont Need To Upgrade Anything It Builtin.So Its Is Already AT Full Setting.

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talltony2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

crysis 2 (on consoles) will not look better than killzone 3. Based on what we have seen of both games Killzone 3 is another league!

Personally I am not even impressed with crysis 2's graphics right now. They seem kind of overhyped.

deadreckoning6662905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Oh please. How approves this shit? Two unreleased/unfinished games. C'mon people.

"crysis 2 (on consoles) will not look better than killzone 3. Based on what we have seen of both games Killzone 3 is another league!"

I agree, what? Graphics aren't the only thing that it'll make me buy a game. I'll most likely be buying both.

And regarding ur "overhyped" comment...there not overhyped... for the PC at least. The console versions look great...but no where close to KZ3 pre-alpha IMO. Its a shame that they're gimping the PS3 version graphically to keep it "equal" to the 360 version...but who knows, the gameplay might be awesome.

"killzone is lacking major detail and textures (blurrrrrr)."

Yes, thats definetly true. But I don't expect it to look like a game built for a $3000 PC. KZ3 looks AMAZING for a console game. But I think in one year, it can potentially look a TAD better than Crysis 1. Crysis 2 on PC? No ones touching that for a while graphically.

Studio-YaMi2905d ago

Sometimes I see fanboyish comments on your behalf,but I can't agree more with you this time,it's common sense,it's not like we are comparing PS3 to PS3,it's PC to PS3,and Crysis is being made by a brilliant studio,so it's not going to be your all the time mediocre half assed pc game,it's going to be an amazing game (graphics wise) like crysis 1 was.

People forget that just because a game is better than another game (graphic wise) doesn't mean the other one sucks :/ !

Not to mention,Killzone 3 & other PS3 titles proved that console games can look as great as PC games,but because of the console lack in hardware,it can't be pushed even further.

But to be honest here,we don't see as many great looking PC games like we see them on consoles,but when a great looking PC game comes out (like crysis,GTA 4 and others) we can actually feel the difference !

Not to mention the mods that you can make for PC games !

so in conclusion :
I gave you a bubble of "well said" and a +1 :) !

muDD2905d ago

fanbois stop being delusional.

Just look at the character models.

killzone is lacking major detail and textures (blurrrrrr).

crysis is crisp. beautiful...

2905d ago

Let's take the facts that Crysis 2 is already in Beta stage, Crytek will release a Multiplayer Beta, and Crysis 2 will come this year.

Killzone 2 is in Pre Alpha or Alpha Stage, not even a Beta and Killzone 3 will be released next Year.

KZ3 will have better graphics and they will add new things next year.

muDD2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

first is kz3
next is black ops.

Black ops has more than 3 colors and much more visible detail. (Crysis2 looks better) You fanbois are delusional... you guys need some serious help. Im not say killzone 3 looks bad, shoot, ill probably get it. But sorry, IT IS NOT the best looking game i've seen.

goodfellas272905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

For Technical superiority on console, I think Killzone got the edge over Crisis 2. The animation, lighting, physics and particle effect just looks better on Killzone3. Just look at the animation when the enemy gets shoot or brutally kill: have any of you see that level of animation on a FPS console before? Please show me if I’m incorrect.

Killzone 3 takes the cake 4 graphics. Crisis takes the cake on V-sync problems

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MNicholas2905d ago

unless Crysis 2 runs at 60fps on consoles, there's no comparison. There's little that's truly techinically impressive or unique in the Crysis 2 vids shown.

Apart from the inevitable hype involving anything named Crysis, it appears to be another generic shooter.

Vanquish seems a lot more interesting. The new fighting modes in Killzone 3 could be interesting as well but time will tell if it's useful or just a gimmick.

360 man2905d ago

i have to say kill zone 3 does look better. but it looks like its running at 20 frames per second. whats up with that

Inside_out2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

I suspect Crysis will have a demo play thru at E3...lets compare the mean time Crysis is up against Halo Reach ( 14 wks away ), Brink, MOH and of course COD black ops...ALL this year...that's the competition...All those games will have live demo' play will be definitive ( all releasing in 5 mnths or less ) and are fighting for consumer dollars THIS YEAR...

I think gamers will be blown away by how good all those games are...

Gears of War 3 has yet to show it's Demo...I suspect Gears will blow everyone away...luckily, we won't have to wait to long to find out...

KZ 3..well..I was very disappointed...the trailer was a mess and should of never been shown like that...Low res and frame rate issues was evident everywhere including all the pre-rendered cut-scenes...Melee attack is a good idea being performed badly...The camera has to pull back to a TPS view so you can see what is going on...Same for the jet pack...many FPS games pull the camera back when performing a melee attack or using a heavy weapon, Fallout and Halo being 2 examples...Kotaku had a go at the live demo and said it still needs a lot of work...that much is obvious...

Personally. I think Kz 3 could be in trouble...the mad push for 3D and the talent drain ( Brink ) is obviously hurting Guerilla...Hopefully, they can pull it together before 2011...

hennessey862905d ago

crysis 2 is the better looking game killzone 3 looks amazing but i prefer games that go for gritty realism not great art style so in my opinion crysis 2 all the way and bring on the fangirl onslaught

Shepherd 2142904d ago

Trust me Morganfell, im not jealous of Killzone. None in the least.

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Kingdom Come2905d ago

And here, we, Go...
*Curls in to a ball in corner of room...*

The Wood2905d ago

what version of crysis is that

led10902905d ago

wow another one of these.

frankymv2905d ago

Killzone 3 will be the superior title in every way.