Kojima's secret - symbol Love?

Everyone has heard about the new timer from Kojima, a lot of pictures, which is something cut, well, and occasionally appearing characters. Someone is trying to solve this problem, but so far all attempts unsuccessful. Until today.

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Edward-Kraken2958d ago

lol. There are 17 squares left to be filled and Kojima's mystery message doesnt resemble love.
1. How sure are you guys its a japanese character?
2. Are you sure its supposed to be read sideways like that?
Kojima is a master of mindf***. I bet all of us will be like "WTF?!" when its finally revealed.

mac_sparrow2958d ago

like the Raiden/Campbell thing.

I remember seeing it, thinking that's not a sword its a stick and then thinking I must be seeing it wrong as the size was so small.

Should've known better...

kenneth872958d ago

This is a chinese word, 爱means love.
Maybe this is the director's cut of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots because the chinese name of this game is 潜龙谍影4:爱国者之枪 which share the same word '爱'in the title.

lpfisher2958d ago

That's not what it is... the character doesn't match the kojima-thing at all. JUST STOP GUESSING. Kojima has proven time and again that he is smarter than us and we will never figure out his ridiculous puzzles.

Batzi2956d ago

damn straight buddy, no one will ever come close to what Kojima is truly hinting us. What looks obvious when trying to guess the hint is the last thing Kojima wants you to think about :D he wants you to think deeper than the obvious.

Gray-Fox2958d ago

I thought it was a Japanese kanji... but not that one.