NFS Hot Pursuit RACE leaked

in new GTTV, when camera looked on the EA's stage, we could see new title called Need for Speed Hot Pursuit RACE by Criterion.

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Quagmire2904d ago

Meaning we get to see this in HD?:

snipermk02904d ago

Oh, man.. Please let this to be true! NFS Hot pursuit was one of my favorite games from the NFS series. Followed by Most Wanted.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2904d ago

I'm a "porsche unleashed" fan myself. Oh the many hours.

Conloles2904d ago

Awesome finally NFS will be good again!

St02904d ago

Hope they don't make it one big map like they did with Burnout, that would suck imo

Ult iMate2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Agree. One map is way too boring after some hours. Because it's killing all the diversity. At least give us five different location settings, as was in Burnout Takedown, Dominator and Revenge: some country roads, tropical landsapes, eastern megapolis, an american city, some european town and so on. Give us the sun, the rain, day and night, snow and sand - the diversity is always more fun.

jack_burt0n2904d ago

criterion are just so good i will buy whatever it is AAA developers.

DelbertGrady2904d ago

Me too. I regard them as one of the top devs. There still aren't many racing games that hold a candle to Burnout Paradise this gen.

Karum2904d ago

Have to agree Soda, Criterion are an awesome studio and Paradise was awesome.

What I really liked about Criterion is that they gave quite a bit of free stuff for Paradise that was actually good and the paid DLC they released was pretty good also. They know how to support their games.

siyrobbo2904d ago

Criterion definately have the skills to make a decent nfs title. I wasnt that impressed with shift, this is going to be a LOT of fun when it hits

scar-leg2904d ago

I hope this has damage like the quality seen in Burnout Paradise.

heylo2904d ago

NFS is all about real and licenced cars, so we're not going to see flipping and exploding cars here

Coheno2904d ago

A new Hot Pursuit, and this is probably the Criterion one! Definitely getting this day one!

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The story is too old to be commented.