Will Playing Natal Make You Look Uncool?

The uber-cool controller-free technique involves a lot of gesturing and the flapping of your arms and legs around in thin air like a crazy person. It just does not look good. Period!

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donstar2779d ago

I used to own both Xbox 360 and PS3. But now I only have a PS3 (Slim). I am def. looking forward to motion control gameplay and 3d... especially for shooter games. Sony has more capacity to deliver better products and it will be the same for new motion controller tech, Sony products are expensive but still offer better VFM than M$ products.

So even if you buy Natal, you are going to be uncool..!

FangBlade2779d ago


Megaton2779d ago


I was cringing at the thought of that being the played out vid with the crazy old chick. Glad we have a new one making the rounds. Funnier too.

Krugsy2779d ago

I try to be diplomatic and unbiased with all the consoles, but that was simply one of the funniest things i've seen in awhile.

rezzah2779d ago

After watching that vid Natal has officially become a must buy ;)

beardpapa2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Gosh the first time I ever heard darude - sandstorm was waaaay back when I saw this B5 street fighter competition vid on TheFiringSquad.

brings back some good memories and vid is another good reason why controllers are a good thing to have.

Conloles2779d ago

Lol epic vid god natal is such a fail.

rockleex2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I'm not overlooking Natal because of the chance of "looking retarded".

I'm overlooking Natal because Microsoft hasn't demonstrated to us that Natal can offer us core gaming experiences. Not just some waggle-lose-your-interest-in-5 -minutes games.

Microsoft has to prove at E3 that it will work with games like Halo or Gears to convince the core gamers. While Sony has already proven that the Move is not just smoke and mirrors when it comes to core experiences.

I don't doubt Natal's sales, because I don't doubt the stupidity of people buying things they'll never use more than once.

I, on the other hand, only buy things that will keep me coming back for more. So far, Natal hasn't shown it can do that.

Miraak82 2779d ago

ROFL, ..... after wake and baking then seeing this I'm cracking up so hard lololol

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littletad2779d ago

4 bubbles with comments like these astounds me. And with both of them not even out yet, it's impossible to say which is better.

And as for the topic title. Well, no more than waving a controller with a fruity color ball shape at the tip. IMO, both will make you look a little uncool. But who is really going to notice?

SeNiLe9112779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Most will be looking at the Big Screen HDTV anyhow, not those looking like a fool, so I'm not to worried about it. They'll get a chance to look like a fool when it's there turn. LOL

MiamiACR2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

If it's fun I'll play it plain and simple, I could care less about how I looked to the rest of you. Same goes for move, because lets face it you aren't going to look like the manliest guy playing with two fairy looking wands with pink, red, or blue colored balls in your hand. Move or Natal, if one or the other is fun, I'll buy and that's how it should be to the rest of you morons who think "If I look like an idiot but i'm having fun nobody will like me? so confused!"

dangert122779d ago

so playing with
a standard controlle, ps move or wii mote makes you look cool?
funny world

EXID2779d ago

no, but they certainly don't make you lose dignity when someone walks in while you're playing.

gta28002779d ago

Natal is pretty revolutionary. Never thought looking retarded would ever be revolutionized. Way to go Natal. That's some feat that will remain untouched for a while.

wages of sin2779d ago

How about having fun? Why should I give a damn about what the next guy thinks? That's right, I don't.

Games are supposed to be fun. It isn't meant to be "cool". Are you that shallow?

Biggest2779d ago

Which is why you're here defending the Natal against people that you aren't supposed to care about. It's all good, bro. Have fun with your Natal. I hope they release games that you enjoy.

flash2402779d ago

move way better than natal? thats your first statement? please go troll somewhere else..... as e3 moves closer dumber articles arise

Montrealien2779d ago

this is what a 4 bubble account does? Goes into a Natal story just to tell people Move is better?


Bigpappy2779d ago

Is this the best argument against Natal now? I am sure that when this is released, they would not be a bunch of prospective users, Will full lenth mirrors trying to see how they look when they play. If the games are fun to play looking like Pee Wee herman on crack is not going to deter anyone from playing.

Biggest2779d ago

No, Bigpappy. The Natal has many problems right now. My largest concern is the extremely childish target audience. Justin Beiber and Sam from iCarly being spokespersons is plain sad. The lack of hardcore game concepts is another focus right now. The obvious lag and miscalculations (since Natal is supposed to guess your movements) are another argument. Looking like a fool is probably the least important detractor.

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xc7x2779d ago

but all motion controllers will make you look stupid,even regular controllers do too.

Godmars2902779d ago

With other controllers you're holding something. Not being prompted into using your whole body.

Looking like a fool while being prompted into using your whole body.

falviousuk2779d ago

yes because using a wand with a big glowing ball on the end waving it about in the air is really a cool look as opposed to what you need to do with Natal.

Stop with the fanboy crap

Quagmire2779d ago

Look on the bright side, at least you'll be cooler than this guy:

Biggest2779d ago

Doesn't he play Natal too? So they'll be almost as cool as that guy.

Tony-A2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I wouldn't pass on it just because it makes me look like a fool. I'd be playing it because it's fun and, most importantly, it works.

Unfortunately for Natal, the latest videos have shown me that it still isn't the most precise thing in the world. Being this close to E3, it looks like the lag has been slightly improved, but the random twitching is still a major problem. There has been twitching in every single video I've seen of Natal, including the most recent ones.

Microsoft plans to show this to MTV, [email protected] and Spike, but I'm almost certain it's going to look twitchy.

@Quagmire: Hey, I've heard of her!

mttrackmaster382779d ago

I don't recommend playing project natal drunk. But I do recommend watching people play project natal while drunk.