No Dpad: Carcassonne Review

No Dpad:

When I heard that Carcassonne was coming to the App Store I was elated. I must admit though that through my elation I learned that not too many people here in the US even knew what I was talking about. Lucky for me I own the original game, brought to me straight from Germany, its country of origin. For years I begged people to learn the intricacies of the game with me. Soon it was clear that I wasn’t ever going to have as many human players as I would need for a true game so I developed my own “solitaire” rules and played however I could. I broke out the game at family gatherings and I got to play a game or two. But much to my dismay it never quite caught on like some of our other family favorites and I was back to making my own fun with the 71 tiles and the ever simplistic Meeple.

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