Will Sony's E3 Conference Be in 3-D?

Sony has announced anticipated games and several exclusive game trailers such as Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 just days before what many are considering the the biggest E3 yet. Many have questioned the reason for Sony’s early announcements, while others anticipate the 3-D conference possibilities.

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sinncross2836d ago

I doubt the whole thing... I think there will be a segment in the middle in which people will be asked to put the glasses on for like 30 minutes.

fantasygamer2835d ago

if they do hopefully the there will be 2 screens for when they show some stuff one side in 3d the other not ^-^

ninpo142835d ago

whoa i hope not. i will be watching the conference online. then again i watch shrek in 3d and toook the glasses home