Bayonetta on Sale for $29.99 at

Realm of Gaming reports: "Bayonetta is currently $29.99 at for either the PlayStation 3 version or Xbox 360 version."

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Quagmire2811d ago

Damn, who knew whores were so cheap

Scrooge McDuck2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

lmao the funniest comment this month

crematory2811d ago

seriously any fan of NGS,DMC should buy this game
its a best hack/slash game been made on new console generation , with very deep gameplay with highest replay value been made in gaming history

-stylish controlled gameplay
-huge list of awesome combos
-more than 6 different weapons with different attack animation
-very challenging in high levels
-pure entertaining and fun
- more than 15 custom to choose from
- 17+ new unlocked chapter
-side missions
-alot of magic and techniques to buy
-unlock 2 different characters
-medal passed ranking
- very good graphics
- epic bosses

i replay this game more than 4 times and still goin solid

darkdoom30002811d ago

Great game, got a platinum on it,
PS3 fans, dont worry, the Install patch made the load times normal. Framerate sometimes dips(especially in a specific level) but its still a great game (not better than DMC3 though- OR MGS4, because thats the best game ever created)

Xof2811d ago

But does it make the PS3 version an equal value to the 360 version? I'd rather get it for my PS3, but I've got both. ~__~