Destructoid: Backbreaker Review

Football is a complex, multifaceted sport; perhaps it’s unfair to ask that NaturalMotion have all the kinks worked out when Madden still can’t get it completely right after more than twenty years of iteration. That said, Backbreaker just isn’t a competent simulation of football.

Destructoid gives NaturalMotion credit for their uncompromising vision -- they stuck to their guns and didn’t include things like a standard football game camera angle, which would probably have felt like a cop-out to them. But any game that makes them listen to P.O.D.’s “Boom” every damn time someone kicks off (and Refused’s “New Noise” at the beginning of every game) is going to draw their ire. For all its lifelike hits, Backbreaker simply isn’t fun to play.

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Smootherkuzz2929d ago

Everyone that has played my copy of the game has had fun with Backbreaker and are buying it. Yes there is missing things that madden added "over time" but the movements of the players along with the size is whats missing from madden, but you have to put madden out of your head if you what to injoy Backbreaker.
I seen holding calls on off/def.
Sacks do depend on off/def line and att.
Limit roughing the punt by choosing punt return from audible menu.
Passing is tricky some practice is needed, oh want feeling when you are on cue.
Seen players hurt/shaken, they just lay there (oh well)play on.
Be sure to Set the Form in the options menu.
I turn off the music in all sports titles unless its my tracks.
Don Kings Boxing sucked! this game is fun to play you have to get used to it and spend sometime and again do not compare this game with madden.
play on people