Another batch of Final Fantasy XIV alpha screens

Scrawl: "A new batch of screenshots from the alpha version of Final Fantasy XIV have made their way onto the net this morning. As you can tell, these aren’t like the polished beta screenshots that were released later last month."

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Myst2962d ago

Growing a bit weary of screens now, would like to see a video instead of screens but I guess I can't complain to much. I guess a video or two will be played at E3 I'm hoping and they send out a batch or at least give notice of PS3 beta.

DaTruth2962d ago

Hey, at least it has towns!

TheHardware2962d ago

and "the last guardian" are the two game i will be looking for at e3.

DA_SHREDDER2962d ago

FF14 has 2010 MMO of the year written all over it. That is if The Agency or DC Universe doesn't get released this year.

lizzbeester2962d ago

Final Fantasy XIV? Weird since they still havn't finished the rumoured FF 13 Versus, Oh well. From the pics the graphics look better on this one than FF13 I think.

Anybody know an idea when this one's due to release?

Myst2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Late this year probably -- like near December, but honestly I think next year. They have been working on this game since 2005 also, so not sure if they'd need more time for fixing stuff or would be able to release it rather soon.

seij5552962d ago

There hasn't been any screens of Versus so I don't understand why you would make that assumption. Anyways, I'm excited for both games but they need to start showing more stuff. FF14 will probably release some time next spring.

Pain2962d ago

Any new pic i get to see from FFXIV is great imo. Best part is there is soooooooo much more to see, the stuff we have yet to see is going to be insane.

Cant wait!!!!