Pre-E3 2010: Killzone 3 Looks Vicious (Analysis)

Ironstar: Killzone 3 has PS3 gamers excited; we just can't get enough of the Killzone series. Not many FPS(s) have appealed to me since Killzone 2. Perhaps the tactical and realistic nature of Killzone 2 appealed to be more than other FPS(s).

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bootsielon2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Better than KZ2 in terms of gameplay, that's for sure. Technically, it also seems like it's "bigger and better" than KZ2, if not more "bad ass".

gamelova2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

I was blown away by the trailer, and I am definitely loving the direction they are taking. I also love the colorful nature of the game. I never thought it would be so colorful. It seems like no one can complain about the grey and brown anymore, this game seems like it will have some truly beautiful environments.

Omega Archetype2872d ago

I think complaining about the color palette of a game is pointless. Usually games have a specific color palette to illustrate not only settings, cohesive style and theme, but also to relay a certain feel of a game.

Gears of War was fine with the colors it had, sure they added a few more in GeOW2, but did it really add all that much to it? I don't think it did.

War is gritty, uncolorful and I'm assuming dark. It's not like Bulletstorm who is intentionally going for vibrant tropic like colors. I think it all depends on what the developers intentions are, no matter how "overused" the color palette some people online feel that it is.

gamelova2872d ago

I wasn't complaining, I just know that there are a lot of people who were complaining about the color palette. I think KZ2 color palette was good for its environment, but I am glad they took this direction in taking us to a world where more color could be possible.

Redrum0592872d ago

The new melée attacks (kicks,neck snaps) look so cinematic and badass son.
Can't wait.
Plus, sevs new look is more badass aswell.

rockleex2872d ago

Slide into cover now?

Then quickly jump over the cover and do melee attacks?

Seems like they made sure to cater to the run-n-gun gamers like me. ^_^

jack_burt0n2872d ago

Tenko needs to do a new VID!!!!!!!!!

flash2402872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

wtf is wrong with you? blown away by the trailer? were we watching the same video?

@Redrum the (melees) also happen to look fake redrum, and other games have already done this so how is this badass?

shadow27972872d ago

How many other games let you stab someone in the eye? Yeah, that's what I thought. Stop being a troll.

flash2402871d ago

im not talking about the stabbing in the eye who gives a crap bout that , but necksnaps,kicks,have been done

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NewNameNow2872d ago

Was there really a need to write an article on a trailer, we all saw the damn thing it's not like you know any more about it than us.

Jeez talk about desperate for hits. Stop writing your bullshit articles and stick to posting actual NEWS on this site.

And nobody gives a damn about your "analysis" you're nobodies.

sixaxis2872d ago

so true, btw guys, gametrailers already managed to cut parts out of this recent video, including knife stabbing. heres the unedited version:

very beautyful stab into eye, badass.

ico922872d ago

the visuals look alot cleaner and crisp in comparison to KZ2 which was a pretty dirty game it reminded me of Stalingrad, also did anyone notice how faster and more fluid the gameplay has improved in comparison to KZ2, the levels look much bigger as well.

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mttrackmaster382872d ago

I wish the makers of Bodycount would put as much effort in their game as Guerrilla are.

RatFuker2872d ago

twisted vicious nasty fukin epic! yea! did you see the neck snap! got a lil ufc in this beyach!


it looks alot better then the first which i thought was amazing. i want to see how crysis compares to this on the graphics front.

emk20042872d ago

but its still not there with crysis. this is pre alpha so there is room for improvment, but shear amount of detal and pixles i dont think kz will make it, the ram is just 2 limited.

just look at the ground you can see every twig, bush and leaf with the game looking photo realistic. the lighting is the best i have ever seen, also i believe crysis is considered open world with partial destruction. very big feet.

the one thing that killzone proves is how badly pc games are not optimized. if gg can get close looking games to a pc with 4gigs of ram while ps3 has only 1/8 of that and a weaker graphics card(and some help from cell graphics processing im guessing) makes me wonder what a gaming computer could realy do if developers took there time like gg. as far as im concerned gg is an elite developer in the industry by far.

jack_burt0n2872d ago

I am a PC gamer and i am fed up with those damn crysis bullshots getting posted ffs the game does not look that good running, seriously it helps no one if you want to do a crysis 2 kz3 comparison compare both the videos on gametrailers.

The real killer2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

PS3 use different XDR RAM than a PC, and is 6 time faster than regulair RAM what in the most PC have.

It is also very efficient than the most PC RAM'S.
And, you cannot compare with a Jungle level with a Snow level, it's a whole different subject.

Further, Crysis must have only grafichs, Killzone has far more than just Grafichs, better visual/ligthing and Psycics.

And here we go, hit the disagree button for no reason and without any explain.

NastyLeftHook2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

nothing is going to "out do" a pc computer system but hey...gotta admit that playstation 3 has the best damn games/graphics we have seen on a console thus far am i right? and looking at uncharted 2, its not that far from crysis. ;)

RagTagBnd4452872d ago

You can compare snow and jungle levels, in terms of texture resolutions, and sorry that trailer showed too many low resolution textures.
The PS3 rams are not that much faster as far as i know, throw in a source please?
Crysis has as good physics as KZ, the lightning is really up to what you like.
Anyways, personally i think Killzone is a better game, but Crysis got better graphics.

halojunkie2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

but... the thing is you cannot really base an engein on graphics alone, gameplay matters...(and believe me the graphics are jawdropping) but gameplay is why killzone 2 earned my favorite shooter of all time because of that. now crysis has a very advanced engein (duh!) but just like homeboy jack burton said, it honestly does not look that good running, it looks just as good as UNCHARTED 2. that bieng said, on topic: killzone 3 is going to be on my radar every day until it comes out...i cannot get over that "fast paced killing spree" incredible.

Draperc2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

@ Jack Burton : Those aren't bullshots, Crysis can look that good.

Here's a screenshot, only mod used here was a weapon skin mod.

EDIT : Dunno why it's so damn tiny, here's the full size version. Only thing missing is AA.

thewhoopimen2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

I can agree that Crysis still has the edge in higher quality textures ... but I think Crysis has already fallen behind both Uncharted 2 and KZ in terms of animation and mocap. The NPCs die like paper dolls compared to what KZ does. And your right, it goes to show how far GG has come to becoming a great developer, but it also proves that PS3 has ALOT of muscle for a console.

emk20042872d ago

i totally agree that kz2 has much better game play than crysis, and they still have the best animations, the hit detection is amazing. i still think crysis has a much better story than kz2 tho, i thought kz2 was forgettable in story, which is the one thing they really need to work on in number 3.

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NastyLeftHook2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

that neck snap was evil. when is this coming out?

from the sewers he comes...the ratfuker.

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