Red Dead Redemption: Multiplayer Update

[email protected] Writes: "New update to Red Dead Redemption makes it harder to prestige."

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tavo11172869d ago

Wich is the better game: Red Dead Redemption or God of War 3?


thats simply a matter of opinion... there is no one answer to that cos it will change depending on who you ask.

Conloles2869d ago

Easily RDR even the Ps3 version.

captain-obvious2869d ago

you cant compare 2 different games in different genres
that's just stupid

Focker4202869d ago

Its easy, if you like free roam sand box games then buy RDR, if you like hack-n-slash buy GOW3.

Both are excellent in their own ways. RDR is my favorite out of the 2 because of the replay value. But definitely don't miss out on GOW3, even if that means playing it a year from now.

Krugsy2869d ago

dude, you have asked this question like 6 times already on different news items. I only remembered cause I already gave you my opinion a few days ago.

KiRBY30002869d ago

get both games, they're awesome.

Hellsvacancy2869d ago

Be a grown up mofo and make your god damn mind and stop lookin 4 attention

TheMART2869d ago

What tastes better:

Apple or Banana?

For real. You're comparing a game with a SP with a storyline in Western setting + on top of that a large MP model to the best hack&slash game in its genre which only has a SP mode?

Well if you just want an answer on what gives you more re-playability it obviously will be the game with the MP part. That is, if you like MP. If you're a SP only guy, RDR has a longer SP than GOWIII and its story is deeper. If you hate Westerns though...

I dunno, I got both and I like both. Make up your mind. The 'better' game is a question only you can answer only for yourself.

ZombieNinjaPanda2869d ago

Mart, I've no idea why you're down to 2 bubbles and all the disagrees, you're only saying both games are great and comparing the two is pointless.

poopface12869d ago

I got them both and there both great.

It depends what kind of game you want. Sandbox western, or hack and slash adventure.

If you have to choose one then I have pity on your soul. HAHAHAHAHAH

AliTheBrit192869d ago

Red Dead Redemption, easily

But God of War 3 is awesome too.

Elimin82869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

There is nothing wrong in comparing games of different genres.. The end result is always the same. Entertainment. It just boils down to controls, story and setting.. Other than that you play for fun no matter what genre...

My 2cents....

@ TheMART at Xboxkings.... If you're hungry you'll eat either one or both...... lol. I guess that sorta answers your question tavo1117..

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ivanjp2869d ago

i love both but rdr kept me playing for 48 hrs, thats 100 percent and platinum trophy, so i say rdr is worth retail proce and gow is u know an awesome epic but short experience

ExposingLames2869d ago

go with GoW....rockstar cant make a game thats not full of bug and issues, support the better dev.....not the one who always releases a work in progress

oh yes....let the hate come :)

voice_of_ reason2869d ago

Because of the nature of open world games, they probably will always have many bugs and glitches. It's not about more polish time or releasing a WIP.... the fundamental design and structure of the engine lends itself to being buggy in free-roam games. Look at Oblivion, Fallout 3, GTA IV, Saints Row, inFamous, etc. However, as a video game, RDR is one of the most complete packages you can buy.

"oh yes....let the hate come :)" I have a feeling someone is in need of attention...

Krugsy2869d ago

If I had to point out one open world game that didn't have many glitches I would have to say Just Cause 2. It lacked a lot of the bells and whistles of other sandbox titles, but it was pretty solid.

Lich1202869d ago

RDR is a bigger game than GoW so naturally there are more glitches. That said, I've played 20+ hours and haven't seen anything noticeable. Also, you probably just want attention.

ExposingLames2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

if you guys think i want attention then why give it to me? y not just ignore me?

the fact of the matter is, on the internet people just get str8 up butt hurt over EVERYTHING and i just expect everytime i dont kiss ass or praise everything they cant take it and get mad

i find it hard to believe someone can play 20+ hours of RDR and not find not a fanboy or a troll i call it how i see it...and how i see it is RDR has had a wealth of issues on and offline.....more than it should, i could understand a few here and there....but 9 times out of 10, unless you count trash developers like Slant Six games, Rockstar Games by far have the most issues from my experiences

Rainstorm812869d ago

"Rockstar Games by far have the most issues from my experiences"

Your an idiot. Is that enough hate for you?

R* is one of the best open world devs in gaming. You just compared them to Slant Six?????? WOW!

MysticStrummer2869d ago

I thought GoW3 was good and all, but to me there is no question that Red Dead Redemption is better.

ivanjp2869d ago

this buggie game all the way. lol.

Eiffel2869d ago

Love how none of these comments pertain to the update, lol.

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