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HoangLow3109d ago

dang it, i have to change my pants now.

Cevapi883109d ago

pretty badass....question tho...he's in chains and still has his lightsabres with him??...confused for a sec, but the trailer was too damn good to care about that, lol

MAR-TYR-DOM3109d ago

That was one of the best pieces of MEDIA i have ever witnessed. Well done to whoever directed that.

Mo0eY3109d ago

I won't buy into the hype until I see actual gameplay.

Remember the first where he pulled a fucking Star Destroyer out of the sky and stopped it? Yeah, that kinda didn't make it into the game.

kraze073108d ago

What are you talking about that part was in the game. It kinda sucked though because the controls for that part were all jacked up.

D4RkNIKON3109d ago

It was a pretty bad ass trailer.

DatNJDom813108d ago

what a great cinema clip. That rivals hollywood. video games have really come up. as for TFU2, DAY 1

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Another One3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

That was a pretty badass trailer. No gameplay, but badass none the less (And I'm not a Star Wars fan).

Scrooge McDuck3109d ago

yeah same here im not a star ways fan but i liked the trailer. I wish it was gameplay.

The Dark Knight3109d ago

that was really damn cool, The first one was fun, not great but still enjoyed it. So im looking forward to it!

Rainstorm813109d ago

As bad ass as that trailer was.....

Sony has ruined CG trailers for PS3 owners since they hardly ever use them, now we all want to see some gameplay in our trailers.

Gameplay or not the game will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

StarScream4Ever3109d ago

There IS a way to clone a Jedi. :O

LiquifiedArt3109d ago

...but no gameplay.


TheAwesomessMan3109d ago

Yea well nonetheless the trailer was still Awesome.

N4BmpS3109d ago

They should Have made this into an adult animated series instead of Clone Wars, pretty much why dis like the Star Wars Franchise right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.