New (Non-Sony) WRC Rally Game Coming

Alas, Sony seems uninterested in doing much with their WRC license, handled by Evolution Studios who are probably too busy working on MotorStorm 2 to put much thought into a next-gen WRC game. Thank goodness, then, for developer I-play who are working on a new WRC game. Sadly, though, it's destined only for mobile phones.

The press release for the upcoming game, included in the story, doesn't really tell anything about the game itself except that there will be two versions: a 2-D one for simpler phones and a separate 3-D one for those with more advanced cellies. The 2-D version at least will likely have a lot in common with another 2-D racer from I-play, The Fast and the Furious: Fugitive, and actually could be a good bit of fun.

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One reason could be that this game was so over-commercialized, overdone/used on a few times for the PS2.
And the real World Rallye Championship at the moment is a two-man show, dominated on by Sebastian Loeb/Citroen C4 and Marcus Gronholm/Ford Focus and not much else. Subaru is down while Mitsubishi is out ( a no-show ). So how can you sell a proper WRC game on this basis?
Probably once more rallye cars are in place, a better computer game would be made.
Yes it is a pity though no next-gen WRC game is on the pipeline even with the relative few cars doing battle.